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What Is The Impact Of Stigma On People With Mental Health And Developmental Disabilities? (Research Proposal Sample)


The nature of my current paper is a proposal essay and how it should be written.
Proposal Essay (In-text citations and a Works Cited Page Required)
Type: Proposal Essay, English 102, composition II
Your essay should be 2 pages, 12 font, 1-inch margins, double spaced. 
Your Proposal Essay should include the following information:  
Background information on the Topic
An overview of your research project, giving some background information explaining when and how this issue started, and where it stands as of today.  Include some of the main stakeholders (i.e., people/groups/communities/organizations/entities) most affected by this issue.
Explanation of Social Relevance
Explain how this paper will address the ideas of social justice and responsibility, and how improving this issue will move us towards a more socially just world.  Who are you advocating for by writing this paper?
Outside Sources
Minimum 2 outside sources, documented using MLA style of documentation (includes in-text citations and a works cited). Maximum 3 outside sources allowed.


Impact of Stigma on People Living With Mental Illnesses
Mental health is an issue of major concern among several communities. Several defects have been observed to occur in mental health in many people over the past few years. This has been reflected in different surveys which aim to analyze the causes of these mental health defects. The same has been the case with developmental disabilities in that case regarding the issue have been on the rise in the recent past. The patients with such disorders have been enrolled for treatment in different health institutions and new ways of helping them are bei

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