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2nd Week Marketing BUS530 Mod 1 Aaron Buelow (Essay Sample)


Aaron Buelow
A YouTube video that happened to catch my attention was “Abortions and Crime” (FreakonomicsVideos, 2011). I found several interesting things with this video. First of all, how high crime was in the United States in the 1980s. Secondly, the significant, unexpected decrease in crime that took place in the 1990s. And, lastly, the real factors that contributed to the nationwide decrease. I would have thought the decrease in high crime would have been attributed to the rapid changes the video initial discusses; changes made by the mayor that was in charge, Mayor Rudy Giuliani. However, that wasn’t at all the case. The significant drop in crime, 50% in some places such as New York City were attributed to the legalization of abortion by way of the 1973 “Roe versus Wade” ruling. This ruling substantially decreased the number of unwanted children. Flash forward twenty years and the numbers are decreased as most crimes were being committed by unwanted children under the age of 25. Very enlightening!
Several of the videos helped me to provide me with a better understanding of what economics are about and what an economist is. To be honest, prior to these videos, I had no clue what this course might be about. I see the relevance in all the YouTube videos I watched.
My impression of Levitt and Dubner is quite positive. I like how down to earth the two men are. Their videos are educational. The perspective and application they provide are easy to understand as they add the human factor. For example, in one of the videos Levitt was discussing potty training his daughter Amanda; he made it personal with his own family and both of his and his wife’s different approaches.
Brian Smith
The blog post I chose was “What Happens When Poor Pregnant Women Are Given Medicaid Coverage?” It was definitely an interesting read highlighting increases in Medicaid eligibility due to certain habits. Medical coverage is definitely a necessity and many expecting mothers from low economy areas struggle with coverage. This post was not what I expected but offered reasons on why some need Medicaid. The authors evaluated data of pregnant women and children from the late 1980s through the mid-1990s.
What did you find interesting about the video or article that you found? One of the things I found interesting was how having Medicaid insurance can lead to some deficiencies of pregnant women. The authors highlighted that medical insurance incentivizes it members to live healthier lives to lower insurance i.e. (Medicaid). Extra money in the pockets of pregnant women on Medicaid will allow them to spend more money on themselves or newborn babies. Nevertheless, some may use the extra income to buy harmful products like cigarettes which can lead to low weight gain. The point they were making was Medicaid helps expecting mothers by providing them coverage at low costs which leads to extra money. In addition to helping pregnant women it can also enable some expecting mothers to keep bad habits with the extra income caused by Medicaid.

Did you find anything from any of the videos or articles that might help you understand some concepts from the class, or is their stuff “too odd” or “too far out there” to be useful for this class? The article I read definitely is relatable to supply and demand and how outside variables can influence supply and demand. There seems to be a variety of content on the website and YouTube that can be used to better understand concepts.

Overall, what is your impression of Levitt and Dubner? Silly? Interesting? Other? I would say interesting because they seem to think outside the box. They bring a different perspective and viewpoint to popular topics. Plus they seem to diversify their content. One moment that are talking about religion and the next sleep aid. The blog is definitely entertaining/informative. It provides its readers with numerous topics and standpoints.


Student Name:
Response 1- Aaron Buelow 
The nationwide legalization of abortion in the 1970s, may have unintended consequences of reducing unwanted children in the 1990s and reducing the crime levels to some extent (Freakonomics Videos, 2011). Nonetheless, more illegal abortions likely occurred before Roe v Wade and if crime went down for other age groups then abortion was merely one factor that indirectly influenced the crime rates (Shoesmith, 2018). The freakonomics videos are relevant to understand how evidence and analysis are useful to make conclusions even when the outcomes seem unusual. Levitt and Dubner consider how human behavior influence decisions and use everyday examples to offer good explanations of the different subject matters that they analyze. Applying economic analysis in different aspects of life other than the subjects common in economics work is useful to discover many things and different approaches.
Response 2- Brian Smith 

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