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The Story of an Hour and The Storm (Research Paper Sample)


After you have closely read and developed a thorough understanding of your critical article, begin drafting a 1-2 page critique. The critique should be a balanced discussion and evaluation of what you feel are the strengths (ideas with which you strongly feel are valid and add to your understanding of the story), weaknesses (points or ideas that you feel are not well supported by the events or details in the story as you understand it) and notable features (points or ideas that you found particularly interesting or that increased your understanding of  the work).
Your overall critique may be positive, negative or mixed, but you must provide support from the actual text of the story for your comments.  In this part of the project, you are only allowed to cite from the critical article or your textbook in the form of either a: summary, paraphrase, specific detail, or direct quotation with MLA style in text citation) from the work.
Remember to base your discussion of the article on the specific points highlighted in your article summary.
In her first point, Walker claims that...
I think/believe/feel that...
This is shown in the story when (textual evidence)…
Relevance to your point …
Conclude with a summary of your final judgment. In your concluding paragraph, clearly restate your thesis or overall opinion of the analyzed work.


The Story of an Hour and The Storm
Women play leading roles in The Story of an Hour, and The Storm by Kate Chopin, whereby in The Storm Bobinôt and Calixta are married there are challenges in their love lives. Calixta and Alcée were in love, but their social differences kept them apart. Chopin contrasts the life of Calixta before and after the rain by highlighting the issue of freedom, which Calixta seems to experience over time (De Deus Rocha 62). In Calixta’s moment of love, the atmosphere in the house seems to change when Alcée is in the house compared to when her husband Bobinôt is away sheltering from the storm at Friedheimer’s store. Chopin highlights that women crave more freedom to lead their own lives, despite the limits in their surroundings.
As the stor

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