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Story’s Central Metaphor: The Garden of Forking Paths (Essay Sample)


Just write two paragraphs doesnt matter how short as long as questions are answered.
Questionas answered Paragraph 1:What is the significance of the garden image? What does it allude to? How is the idea of the garden connected to the visions and solutions offered by the story? Where do we see garden images in the story? What does Stephen Albert mean when he says to Yu Tsun, "you no doubt wish to see the garden?" What is the garden which Borges proposes to his readers? What does it look like? What does it symbolize? Is this garden similar to those seen in stories like Voltaire's Candide and Naguib Mahfouz's "Zaabalawi"?
Questions Answered in paragraph 2: As a child, Borges' father used to entertain him by giving him riddles and logical paradoxes to solve. If this story is a riddle, what is its solution? Stephen Albert asks Yu Tsun, "in a riddle whose answer is chess, what is the only prohibited word?" To which Yu Tsun replies "The word is chess"? In Ts'ui Pên's story, the answer appears to be related to the idea of "Time." Is that also true of Borges's story? In Borges's story of infinitely forking paths, what is the prohibited word which is also the solution to its riddle?


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The garden of forking paths
June 24, 2019
The garden of forking paths
The garden of the forking paths has employed image of a garden to serve as a story’s central metaphor. This story does not use the garden as the only labyrinth but it also uses the garden as a metaphor for infinite differing descriptions of Tsui Pen’s novel. Additionally the garden has been used as an idyllic space in which the protagonist spends his early childhood walking through it to get to Dr. Alberts facility. In his statement, Stephen Albert ask Yu Tsun whether he wanted to see the garden without doubt. This meant that the garden was a terror ground and it never meant anything to him anymore. We see the garden image in the story where Stephen albert sees a tall man approaching with a lantern. He says to him, “I see that the pious Hsi P’eng persists in correcting my s

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