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ENGL-1120-083 Research Proposal: Terrace Agriculture (Research Paper Sample)


This paper has follow the paper 1. it is basic on the paper 1.


Agricultural farming has been cited as one of the fundamental sectors in growth and sustainable development of economies all over the world. As such, it has become necessary for governments to invest heavily to ensure that they not only are able to feed their population sufficiently, but also have surplus in case of adverse weather conditions. One of the investments that has been done on the agricultural sector is devising new farming methods aimed at maximizing on the produce while shielding the farmers from massive loss.
Terrace farming is a method of farming that is designed to accommodate areas that would otherwise not be used for farming. Areas that are hilly and sloppy are often ruled out when planting. Farmers avoid such areas as they are prone to soil erosion. Terrace farming therefore ensures that crops can be planted on sloppy areas without the risk of soil erosion and loss of water. Terrace farming is one of the most practical solution to challenges of modern day farming. This discussion has looked at this method of farming explaining how farmers are benefiting from it.
The Design
In terrace farming flat ridges that tend to be relatively low are built across a sloppy land. A channel through which water passes is created right above the ridge. There is some gradient with which the terraces are built so that they are not entirely flat. This ensures that any water that is caught has a clear outlet from the terrace (Hans, p. 45). In other areas where soil can take and retain water, more level terraces can be used. The most important aspect of consideration when building the terraces is ensuring that there is no loss of water especially during the rainy season hence no soil erosion.
Why Terrace Farming?
Population growth throughout the world is rapidly increasing. The number of people in the world are twice perhaps thrice as much as they were a decade past. Yet all these people must be accommodated within the same resources there were previously. Land and other natural resources do not increase and therefore the increased p

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