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Research Questions And Objectives: Chinese Traditional Culture (Research Paper Sample)


Chinese Traditional Culture


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Chinese Traditional Culture
Culture is has been defined using different forms and terminology depending on the context it is being used in. The term culture has been described as a combination of both abilities and beliefs of a given community of people CITATION Ric15 \l 1033 (Smith). Every city that occupies a given geographical region has their culture and views which they practice. The culture of a given population is particular and times collide with the culture of neighboring communities as what one community believes in is different from what another one believes in. Culture is critical as it defines a given population at any given time in that a community can be determined by the cultural practices it exhibits. Religion is something that is recurring and has been practiced by a given community for very long durations, and it continues to practice as it defines the given community to third parties and also to outsiders who may be interested in the culture of others such as for study purposes or comparison purposes. This paper tries to analyze the cultural practices of the original habitats of China. This paper only focuses on the culture of the Chinese form way back then in history and up to date.
The culture of the Chinese is different from that of its neighboring communities as this community was unique and special CITATION Qiz12 \l 1033 (Zhang, Li and al, Traditional Chinese culture). The Chinese word for literature is "wenhua." This word has been used in China for ages as it describes the culture and what the people believe in. "Wenhu" is a word that can be separated into two, i.e., when which refer to the weaving of colors and ornamentation while "Hua" refers merely to the difference in variations that arise from creation. This paper will very much focus on both sides of the term wenhua. For my case, my motivating factor is to understand the culture of the Chinese from way back in history and in the current days. This paper will critically analyze the culture of China inhabitants as this paper is formulated from reliable sources. The data used in formulating this paper is gathered by some means will be discussed later in the methodology section. The methods used were efficient and very necessary as they assisted very much in obtaining all the information stated in this paper.
Research Questions and Objectives
This paper is formulated for purposes of understanding the Chinese culture through the paintings and images provided. This paper will focus on issues like Chinese Tea, Chinese knot, Panda, Blue and White Porcelain. This is major element of the Chinese culture. This objective of this paper is to explain how all these elements connect with the traditional Chinese practices. We are going to analyse how each of this five components is associated with the Chinese culture.
For purposes of answering the research question and also achieving the objectives of this paper, I had to employ both primary and secondary research methods. This paper is formulated by the use of both primary and secondary sources of information. Among the sources that have been used to gather data used in this paper include books, journals, academic research papers and surveys that have been carried out with a view of presenting theoretical analysis on the cultural practices of the Chinese. These sources are mainly focused on the ancient history of China, traditional Chinese methods, and official creative records. Other sections of these materials, i.e., the academic research papers mainly focus on the history of intellectual property in China and revolutions that have occurred since modernization CITATION Mar13 \l 1033 (Colson). The information offered by these sources can be ...

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