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This is Economics of Food, Population, Agriculture and the Environment (Essay Sample)


This is Economics of Food, Population, Agriculture and the Environment.
Required reading:
Evolution Made to Order: Plant Breeding and Technological Innovation in Twentieth-Century America by Helen Anne Curry, University of Chicago Press (November 11, 2016) ISBN-10: 022639008X, ISBN-13: 978-0226390086 
Darwinian Agriculture: How Understanding Evolution Can Improve Agriculture by R. Ford Denison, Princeton University Press; (August 16, 2016) ISBN-10: 0691173761, ISBN-13: 978-0691173764 
Genetically Modified Crops and Agricultural Development (Palgrave Studies in Agricultural Economics and Food Policy) by Matim Qaim, Palgrave Macmillan (2016 edition)ISBN-10: 1137405716, ISBN-13: 978-1137405715 
The Taste of Empire: How Britain's Quest for Food Shaped the Modern World by Lizzie Collingham, Basic Books (October 3, 2017) ISBN-10: 0465056660, ISBN-13: 978-0465056668 
Dinner with Darwin: Food, Drink, and Evolution by Jonathan Silvertown, University Of Chicago Press (September 5, 2017) ISBN-10: 022624539X, ISBN-13: 978-0226245393 
The following book will be used for one or two designated projects and can therefore be substituted for one of the five assigned books with my permission.
Baking Powder Wars: The Cutthroat Food Fight that Revolutionized Cooking by Linda Civitello University of Illinois Press (Heartland Foodways) May 22, 2017, ISBN-10: 0252082591, ISBN-13: 978-0252082597
One 25 + page paper using most (four or more) of the above sources - standard formatting rules apply (MLA, Chicago, etc.). This semester, a tentative outline for your paper is to be turned in.
I need new topic of paper + 26 page paper + 2 page outline (including sources to be cited)


The economics of food and its relevance to taste
This paper portrays how food and its consequent taste has been essential to man's survival. It focuses on how the quality and quantity of food have been necessary when feeding the global population. As the world's population increases, agricultural production has to be increased so that food produced is sufficient for all. In this regard, technology has been relevant to achieving increased production as well as improved quality of food. Moreover, the food available has to be palatable so that consumers can enjoy eating it. Palatability of food is also essential since it enables individuals to identify themselves with distinct social classes as well as gain nutritional content that is required by the body.
The paper explains in details the food and agricultural technologies that characterized the developed countries since 1980-1960. Just like the evolution of man from ape, food has evolved from being derived from simple wild growing plants and animals to being obtained from domesticated crops and animals. The book Darwinian agriculture: how understanding evolution can improve agriculture by Denison Ford has been essential in illustrating this aspect. Granted, food obtained from wild crop varieties and that which is cooked from domesticated plants can never taste the same. The difference lies in the fact that the dawn of agriculture and consequent adaption of technology has largely transformed food varieties over time. Moreover, man's taste of food has also evolved even as he continues evolving and advancing. This has been necessary to enable him to adapt to the agricultural changes that have taken place. In the first part, the paper explains how Britain's search for food resulted in urbanization and brought about developments in the field of agriculture. The book; The Taste of Empire: How Britain's Quest for Food Shaped the Modern World has been used to demonstrate the

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