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Organization Culture: Book Exercise Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


Please complete the 5 questions. This could be any organization (profit or non for profit) that you are familiar with. 
1. What words would you use to describe the positive and negative dimensions of your organization’s culture, or an organization with which you are familiar? 2. How can you explain the negative aspects of that organizational culture? Why have those dimensions developed in that way? What factors are causing, supporting, or reinforcing those dimensions?3. What are the consequences of the negative dimensions of this organizational cul- ture? In what ways are they harmful to the organization, its employees, suppliers, and customers? 4. What actions can you take to change the dysfunctional aspects of the culture? The 7-S framework (chapter 4) is a good place to start. What changes need to be made to the “hard” factors: strategy, structure, systems? What changes need to be made to the “soft” factors: style, staff, skills, shared values? How does senior leadership behavior have to change? 5. What would those actions cost?


Organization Culture: Book Exercise
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Question 1
The words that would be used to describe the negative dimensions of the company’s organizational culture include: a culture that promotes unethical behaviour; lack of discussion; poor discipline; lack of team collaboration; dishonest employees; dishonest leaders; lack of acknowledgment; and lack of transparency and honest communication. Words that would be used to describe the positive dimensions of the organization culture include: a culture that encourages staff members to behave in responsible ways that result in employee empowerment and a happy place of work; everyone cares about each other; and loyal employees.
Question 2
The negative aspects of that organization culture are caused and reinforced by various factors. There are abusive bosses who utilize their authority to disparage and humiliate their staffs. The lack of employee recognition also causes the negative aspects. Leaders within the organization do not bother to acknowledge their staffs for a job well done. There is also a lack of moral leadership. Since top leaders are unethical, staff members tend to emulate this bad behaviour. Another negative aspect is bad attitudes. Good staff members are generally prepared to work and take responsibility for any mistakes that they make. The organization culture which shows that it does not appreciate these attitudes serves to reinforce bad employee attitudes (Groysberg et al., 2018). Without appreciation or rewards for going the extra mile, staff members might not bother to go the extra mile. Also, since honesty is not respected, it is easier for people to blame their mistakes on others.
Question 3
The negative dimensions are harmful to the organization, employees, suppliers and customers in that they lead to workers’ resentment and bitterness. The unethical behaviour displayed by l

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