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Should Consumers Make Food Selection Based On Food Labeling? (Research Paper Sample)


I already have the first page of the research essay done. However, my first page needs to be better edited with a clearer thought of argument. There should not be any personal motive, the only motive for academic scholarly. The research essay has to have 10 academic scholarly sources.
Sources have to be good! Academic scholarly! With good references and footnotes
The formulas in TSIS will help you introduce the relevant scholarly literature. You must use 10 sources. Newspapers, popular magazines, and web sources are NOT appropriate for this assignment.

In Brief
Your final writing assignment must be a 3,000 to 3,500 word (not including references, footnotes, or endnotes) research paper that presents a thesis supported by extensive use and analysis of outside sources. This assignment should include references to ten (or more) sources; at least 70 percent of your works cited must be from peer-reviewed sources.
The culminating product for the course is an argument-driven research paper. This builds on the work you have been doing all semester, extending from your research proposal through your several final drafts. This final document represents the combination of your reading and thinking, put together in a single, cogent and concise manuscript that adheres to the format and conventions of the discipline in which your research project is situated.
Locate, understand, and evaluate scholarly literature
Develop, support, and organize logical arguments through the analysis of appropriate evidence
Edit and revise ideas and writing
You should format your assignments in 12-point type, on 8½ by 11 inch white paper with 1-inch margins on all four sides. Everything should be double-spaced and all citations must be in the format appropriate for the discipline in which your research topic is situated.
You will be evaluated on all of Harvey's Essay Elements.




Should consumers make food selection based on food labeling?


Increased human sophistication and complexity of human societies have brought with it a new need for better diets. While at it, there is essentially an ever-growing need for more; in terms of food and general nutrition. This is mainly due to the steady, incessant growth in the global population. This has resulted in the need for more food, especially packed foods. When it comes to packed foods, there is a need for proper labeling, so as to clearly identify the ingredients and so forth. Much of the literature I indicate that food labeling helps the buyers to establish the nutritional content and identity of the foods that they buy and hence it is of extreme importance to the consumers. It is undeniable that most of the lifestyle diseases that we find ourselves in every day are as a result of the poor choices food that we make every day. Several articles have deliberated on the importance of food labeling towards ensuring healthy purchasing of the food that the consumers eat. However, there is a lack of compilation of these ideas to cement on the important points that are deliberated by the single writers. Drawing on works from previous studies such as nutrition, lifestyle and general health, I will address in this paper, the importance of food labeling in ensuring the safe identity of the quality and quantity of the food that is purchased.


There is much to say when it comes to the food labels and the choice the consumer make on the food. The food labels are meant to reveal a lot of information about the food that is packed inside. According to research1, the food label reveals a lot of information that are meant to help the consumer to make an informed choice of the food that they are buying. The use of the food labels comes with other challenges as some consumer is not well conversant with the reading as well as the notations that are put in the labels. Various studies have analyzed the importance of the labels in ensuring that the consumers have the right choice of food from the market. Making the right choice of food goes ahead in saving the buyers health perspectives of the food like allergies and cholesterol levels. When customers choose the right food quality and quantity it has got far-reaching consequences in the customers' life like food safety, the right choice of food and health benefits.

Food Labels and Right Choice of Food

There are several blames on the misleading information that the food labeling has led in the recent past. However, I think this is solely the responsibility of the regulatory authorities. In many cases where the food labeling has been done in the right manner, the consumers have reported far much importance in their consumption pattern. Food labels are still one of the major ways in which the consumers can know the type of food that they take. Identification of food is even more difficult after processing that the consumers can easily confuse one for another. For example, Roberto and Khandpur, in their article, improving the design of nutrition labels to promote healthier food choices and reasonable portion sizes explain that in the recent years, the cases of obesity in children and adults have increased dramatically; this trend is largely associated with the changes in food-related products. It is vital to note that over the past two decades nutrient-poor foods have continuously been produced and they are also highly marketed. The author attributes the health problem to the labeling practices. However some people may argue that the problem is not entirely tied on the food labels, it is true that a good portion is due to the wrong choice that the customers make due to misleading labels.

Besides, people also consume foods prepared fr...

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