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Buddhist Tattoos On The Western World (Research Paper Sample)


The research topic that I am going into detail are the tattoos that are considered "Buddhist tattoos". It's important to ask my-self the who, what, why, and how these tattoos came about. What is the reasoning or importance of the first tattoos in Buddhism? What culture if any became more of the trend setter for the future tattooing in the Buddhist religion. I am also going to show some examples of how they did the tattoos and explain how it works because its very different then the modern day machines that we use today. My research question: What is the view of how tattoos came about in the Buddhist religion and what is their importance/purpose?


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Buddha Tattoos on the Western World
Tattoos are one of the oldest ways people have used to express themselves as a form of art and involve modification of the body with designs made from indelible or temporary ink on the skin. They are categorized into purely decorative, pictorial and symbolic and many people in the West associate them with sailors and criminals. However, tattoos are also related to religion and especially with the ancient religion of Buddhism. Over the recent past, more people in the west have embraced a genre of tattoos that draws heavily on the Buddhist religion and the Buddha tattoos but are not necessarily followers of the religion. Celebrities have been at the forefront of setting the trend for the adoption of the Buddha tattoos in the US from their little understanding of the Buddhist faith and for their general amusement and fulfillment and much to the bemusement of the followers of Buddhism. The research will review various articles that have studied Buddhist tattoo's in the western world with focus on their appeal, value and power. I will explore the Buddha tattoos with the true meanings from Buddhism and the misconceptions associated with the western adoption. The project will examine the Buddha tattoos as observed in the “Buddhist” countries of South East Asia. The focus of the research project is to determine the significance of the Buddha tattoos in today's western society and the effect of the embracement by celebrities in the US.
Research Question: What is the effect of the adoption of Buddha tattoos by celebrities in the United States?
Key Words: Tattoo, Buddhism, Celebrity, Buddha, Religion
Faure, Bernard. "The Buddhist Icon And The Modern Gaze." Critical Inquiry 24.3 (1998): 768-813.
The article appreciates the fact that the Buddha tattoos are highly regarded by the followers of Buddhism because of its spiritual significance and its relevance to the Buddhist teachings and principals. Some Buddha tattoos are believed to have magical powers and Bernard mentions “Those who wear the sak yant tattoos often believe their tattoos genuinely len

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