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Future Thrust - Reduce Landfill in Coney Island Research (Research Paper Sample)


For a page with 1 inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font, and minimal spacing elements, is about 300 words for a double-spaced page.
A 3-4 page double-spaced paper is 900-1200 words. This page has 1-inch margins and the text is written in 12-point Times New Roman font.
Footnotes are usually in superscript. Notice that I have created an example footnote and MS Word's automatic formatting places it at the bottom of the page. It will often appear under a line. Footnotes are usually in 10 point, sometimes smaller.
When you write, try to keep your font the same throughout the paper. If your font changes, it looks like you have cut and pasted from the Internet or another source, and it is usually frowned upon by professors.
The reference list or bibliography is a separate page and not included in the total word count of the paper.
When you are using Microsoft Word you can see your word count as you type and it is very easy to do a word count by using the TOOLS feature at the top of your screen. This is good practice for writing essays on your exams (250 words) as well as any kind of research paper. Keeping to the 300-word total per page also helps you manage the length while writing much longer research papers, which you might need to do for your Art History or Music Theory/History courses, or any other course that surveys a special subject.
When the paragraphs are somewhat comparable in size, the flow on the page is easier to control. Try to avoid sentences or paragraph breaks between pages. Now we are approaching a final word count of the paper at 300. The footnotes you use will remain on the same page where the number appears.


Future Thrust-Reduce Landfill in Coney Island
Thesis statement: As the population of people in the United States increases people are disposing off more garbage. While the government has use the landfill to solve this, there is a need to identify better solutions to address the problem of waste disposal to avoiding contaminating the water sources and the surrounding environment. While the public has no interest on better management of Coney Island, more landfills are being constructed. One of the main challenges with such landfills is that they are environmental hazards, when not poorly managed. For instance, the area surrounding Coney Island is heavily polluted there is high methane gas, while the people living close by are exposed to toxins and pollutants that compromise their health. To make Coney Island more eco-friendly the government needs to reduce the size of the landfill in the next 10 years and support waste management practices.
State the problems from landfill
Pollution is a major concern in Coney Island and the surrounding areas as the landfill poses an ecological risk as the landfill is not properly managed to manage waste disposal. Pollution on the ground, the air and even groundwater further poses a health risk to the residents of the area. This is especially when safety standards and procedures are not properly implemented w

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