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Method Survey Section of Paper Psychology Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


This is a continuation of the literature review paper written by the writer who wrote #00110727. Basically, you will just add the Method Section to the paper addressing the research question of "Is it true as some suggest that Social Workers ignore signs of child abuse within the social system?" Therefore, you will develop a pretend method section to describe the methods you would use if you were to conduct a method study. The method to be used is the Survey method using the Likert scale. I have attached the survey questions using the Likert scale to be used for the Survey method. I have also attached a video, article, and sample paper showing how to write the method section. If you have any questions or need any additional information please reach out to me, thank you.


Abuse in the Child Services System
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Abuse in the Child Services System
Taking care of children as they grow is a very delicate sector because children grow up to adopt how they were brought up. A child brought up in a violent environment is likely to behave in a wearied way, isolating himself or herself from the company of other people. Child services step in to ensure that children grow up in a conducive environment that builds them physically, emotionally, culturally, and morally. Therefore, child abuse refers to when parents and caregivers fail to protect or directly inflict harm or even death to children. Child abuse can be physical, sexual, neglect, or emotional (Fortson et al., 2016). However, we should not trust the child service providers with our children’s lives without knowing how the children are handled. Some officials in the department might abuse the children since they are helpless on their hands. Several reports have emerged in the media with children allegedly used within the child services system. Therefore, there is a need to investigate child abuse in the child services system.
Literature Review
Professional competencies have led to the emergence of several complaints of child abuse within child protection units. At the same time, praises are also poured upon the same system for rescuing many children going through different forms of abuse. Several scholars have investigated child abuse to inform the public about the real situation. This section reviews past research on the issue of child abuse, especially within the child services system.
In the pursuit of child protection, the law has its procedures of prosecuting a case. Customary laws are some of the considerations that are recognized by the law. Some customary laws treat children in a way that may look like abuse, yet it is not. Fortson et al. (2016) note that it is challenging to assess child abuse evidence involving customary practices. For example, many African cultures put male teenagers through a comprehensive circumcision ceremony where initiates undergo the cut without anaesthesia to grow into manhood (Muzingili & Taruvinga, 2017). Such practices are very hard to conclude as child abuse because the law recognizes them. Child abuse systems are sometimes accused of ignoring it.
Parents have the mandate to shape the morals of their children, and different parents do it differently. Some use corporal punishment as a way of disciplining children (Lansford et al., 2015). It becomes tough to conclude that the parents are abusing the children because everybody wants a morally upright child at the end of it all. It is vital to attempt to discipline your child before becoming notorious, and the parent is blamed. The child abuse department often gets involved in such cases accusing parents of child abuse, yet in the parents’ minds, they were correcting the child. When parents win such cases, other people might see it as neglect or ignorance on child abuse department social workers. Prinz (2016) calls it coercive parenting. According to...

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