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Reflection Paper on Digital Child Abuse Education Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Early Childhood Education
Reflection Paper
Topic: Digital Child Abuse
Step #1: Review the article “Gone Girls: Human Trafficking on the Home Front” by Mike Kessler
The link to the article is https://www(dot)lamag(dot)com/longform/gone-girls/
Step #2: Now after reading the article write a 2 page reflection paper that addresses the most important issues, concepts, and ideas.
For example, your reflection paper must include the following below:
A Title Page

An Introduction paragraph: In your introduction be sure to define what CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children) means and why it is used instead of "child prostitution".
Next, in another paragraph or two write an overview and summary of the article: For example, include risk factors for children's involvement as a commercially sexually exploited child.
Now, in a paragraph or two discuss possible preventative interventions that you may consider in the classroom as a teacher (and for your families) to decrease future involvement as a commercially sexually exploited child: You can talk about advocacy and early education implications.
Finally, write a conclusion paragraph.
Your reflection paper must have a reference page with a minimum of 3 APA references.
----------------------- ---------------------------------- -------------------------
Reflection Paper Requirements:
• Your Reflection Paper should be around 2 pages in length
• Must be Double-spaced
• Must be in Times New Roman 12-point font with 1-inch margins all around
• Must be in APA 7 Format
• Have no less than three educational in-text citations properly cited
• Must have a reference page:
• Use references like the article “Gone Girls: Human Trafficking on the Home Front” by Mike Kessler.
• As for your second reference use the Ted Talks video titled “The Conversation We’re not having about digital child abuse" by Sebastian Bortnik.
• Lastly, the third reference can be of your choosing just make sure its from an educational source for instance you could look up another educational article.
* The link to the article titled “Gone Girls: Human Trafficking on the Home Front” by Mike Kessler is
* The link to the Ted Talks video titled "The Conversation We’re not having about digital child abuse" by Sebastian Bortnik is
Thank you for your time


Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
Institutional Affiliation
Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
Commercial sexual exploitation of children is an act of deceiving, coercing, and use of violence to manipulate and control a child for sexual exploitation. The perpetrators take advantage of the child’s young and immature emotional state to lure them into engaging in sexual activities to generate money for them. Commercial sexual exploitation is used instead of child prostitution because these kids are too young to make an informed decision. Some of these children do not know that they are abused (Hornor, & Sherfield, 2018). They make such decisions based on the few things they are manipulated to get into prostitution. 

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