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Substance abuse and mental health Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


An important role of nursing is to provide health promotion and disease prevention. Review the 2020 Topics and Objectives on the Healthy People website. Choose a topic of interest that you would like to address, in conjunction with a population at-risk for the associated topic.
Create a 15-20 slide PowerPoint presentation for your topic and focus group. Include speaker notes and citations for each slide, and create a slide at the end for References.
Address the following:
Describe the approved topic and associated population your group has selected. Discuss how this topic adversely affects the population. How does health disparity affect this population?
Explain evidence-based approaches that can optimize health for this population. How do these approaches minimize health disparity among affected populations?
Outline a proposal for health education that can be used in a family-centered health promotion to address the issue for the target population. Ensure your proposal is based on evidence-based practice.
Present a general profile of at least one health-related organization for the selected focus topic. Present two resources, national or local, for the proposed education plan that can be utilized by the provider or the patient.
Identify interdisciplinary health professionals important to include in the health promotion. What is their role? Why is their involvement significant?
Cite at least three peer-reviewed or scholarly sources to complete this assignment. Sources should be published within the last 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria and public health content.


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Substance Abuse
Substance abuse is defined as using hazardous psychotic substances, including tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs. These substances can cause dependence syndrome, which leads to several behavioral, mental, and physiological dysfunctions that are mostly related to stronger desires to take the drug and trouble controlling its use. All of the urges continue despite knowing the drug's negative impact on one's overall well-being CITATION Wor20 \l 1033 (World Health Organization, 2020).
Importance of Understanding Substance Abuse
Health Disparity
Generally, government policies primarily influence the use of psychotic substances because these acts are part of the public health problems CITATION Wor20 \l 1033 (World Health Organization, 2020). In 2005, around twenty-two million Americans suffered from alcohol or drug abuse, ninety-five percent of whom are unmindful or naïve of the existing health problem. Substance abuse affects all communities, and its impact is cumulative, making it affect several generations. It leads to many social problems, including teenage pregnancy, the spread of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), child abuse, domestic violence, vehicular motor accidents, and an increase in the rate of crimes CITATION Hea20 \l 1033 (Healthy People 2020, 2020).

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