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Child sexual abuse: Case History Response Paper Education Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Early Childhood Education
Topic: Child sexual abuse: Case History Response Paper
You are going to read the two PDF's on Child Abuse that I provided you and then write a response paper.
Step #1: First, read the PDF titled: “The National Child Traumatic Stress Network. (2010). Early Childhood Trauma”.
Step #2: Second, read the PDF titled “Case History of Sashim's Secret”.
Step #3: Now write a 2 page response paper that addresses the most important issues, concepts, and ideas. For example, the following is a guide as to how I want you write your response paper:
Your paper should include the following things below:
A Title Page
An Introduction paragraph: In your introduction, be sure to provide an overview of the Case History of Sashim's Secret.
Next, in a separate paragraph define what child sexual abuse is, along with what cultural contexts and implications there are of sexual abuse.
Then, in another paragraph discuss the case history content and provide relevant connections from the other educational articles you find that are related to child sex abuse.
Now, as you write your response paper make sure to use actual, specific examples from your sources to make a clear, relevant connection between each stated concept and the examples that you select.
Finally, write conclusion paragraph where you discuss how common is sexual child abuse between family members and what are the perpetrator's characteristics. Is the mom creating an environment of revictimization?
Note: Make sure to have a reference page with a minimum of 3 APA references. Lastly, your page count does not include the title page or reference page
---------------------- - -- - -- -- -- -
Response Paper Requirements:
• Your Response Paper must be a minimum of 2 full pages in length.
* Should be a minimum of 550 words
• Must be Double-spaced
• Must be in Times New Roman 12-point font with 1-inch margins all around
• Must be in APA 7 Format
* Have no less than three educational APA citations properly cited
• Must have a reference page:
• Two of your references must be the PDF Files such as the “The National Child Traumatic Stress Network. (2010). Early Childhood Trauma”.
Then, your second reference must be the PDF titled “Case History of Sashim's Secret”.
Now, your third reference can be any other educational source of your choice for example you could search another educational article with the topic of child sex abuse that relates to what you are writing in your response paper, and make sure to cite all three references properly within your response paper.
----------------------------- - - - --- - -
Notes to the Essay Zoo Writer:
• In the order form I uploaded the PDF File: “The National Child Traumatic Stress Network. (2010). Early Childhood Trauma”.
• Also in the order form I uploaded the PDF titled “Case History of Sashim's Secret”.
--------------- - - - -- - - -
Thank you so much for your time


Early Childhood Education
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Child sexual abuse: Case History Response Paper
According to the National Institute of Mental health (United States of America), childhood trauma originates from events’ experiences that cause emotional pain and distress to a child. They result in endless psychological torture that may cause adverse physical effects. The trauma may affect development, as illustrated in the case history of Sashim’s secret. The author illustrates how Shashim suffered psychological distress in class and could not hold back her tears when the teacher noticed that she was absent-minded. Sashim was a target to her perpetrator, her stepdad. Her mother divorced earlier with Sashims’ father and moved in with Baghwan who assaulted her. The supposed role model, protector and a father engaged in sexual contact with a nine-year-old innocent girl. Later in, the young girl narrated the incident to her favorite teacher, who forwarded the concern to the Child Protective Service who arrested the perpetrator and Sashim was placed in a foster home. Later, Sashim was diagnosed with leukemia, and the doctors estimated that she had only six months to live. Sashim requested to be discharged to her foster parents whom she had grown so much fond of and would love to die around them. The doctors’ however denied her request because her mother had the legal custody and who refused to consent unless she withdraws her case against Baghwan.

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