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The Problems of Deforestation (Research Paper Sample)


This is a two part assignment.
For the 1st part I need and outline for The Problems of Deforestation, PLEASEEEE follow the outline provided by the instructor because prior to send my part two I must send the outline for approval.
Note: I am requesting both parts at the same time so I can get the same writer to work on it. But I would like to get each one in two different files if possible.
For the 2nd part I need a paper on The Problem of Deforestation that follows the outline created in part one.
1. For the outline I need 3 pages that follow the provided format and include all the necessary requirements to create the full and final paper.
2. For the main paper I need:
The Final Research Paper must be a minimum of 5 pages in length.
Use at least 5 academic sources that are correctly cited in the body of your paper using APA formatting. If you look in the newspaper for ideas on a topic, list the newspaper article as one of your sources, but this does not count as one of your academic sources. 
Craft an introduction that grabs the attention of the reader and serve as an introduction to the topic, providing historical and explanatory information as appropriate, as well as the traditional introduction components.
Include at least 2 clearly explained and well-supported views regarding how particular groups view the topic, and a critical analysis of each view supported by your research sources.
Determine 1 possible solution to the problem identified, which is supported by outside sources and logical reasoning. Explain why the solution will work and present an implementation strategy.
Incorporate a reflective point: How does this topic integrate into and influence your life?
Feature the biblical application of this topic to the masses either as a standalone paragraph or blended throughout the paper.
Include a conclusion that synthesizes the information presented in the body of the paper, as well as the traditional conclusion components.
Identify all resources used as in-text citations when appropriate and with full references at the end of the paper.


Problems of Deforestation
Course title:
Many people have failed to recognize problems of deforestation. Such inclinations have led to increased deforestation which comes with many problems. Sabelli (2011) asserts that; despite the ignorance by many people concerning problems of deforestation, such is a real problem which needs critical addressing by various relevant bodies. But before we even come to bodies, it is the duty of every individual person to make efforts, no matter how little, to ensure that problems of deforestation do not lead to extinction of a good life on earth. There have been suggestions that with continued deforestation, life may become intolerable on earth. Such suggestions should not be taken as mere threats. Rather, it is the duty of every individual to ask them what they can do to prevent such attainments as part of their deliberate efforts to make the world a better place to live. In this paper, there is discussion of problems of deforestation especially in the view that many people have failed to take serious the challenges arising from deforestation.
As already said, many people have had different views in as far as problems of deforestation are concerned. Sabelli (2011) notes that; deforestation can take slightly different meanings depending with the context but the bottom line of the word points to excessive clearance of natural forest cover Such clearance leads to problems such as destruction of ecosystem for different organisms which are useful in one way or the other not just to the environment in general but at times even to the human beings. Olakunle, Omotayo & Odewumi (2011) assert that the problems of deforestation are not just problems of human beings but also other living organisms.
As Banerjee & Bit (2015) found out deforestation presents human beings with the problem of lack of a suitable environment. Due to reduced number of trees, there is higher concentration of carbon dioxide in the environment. This problem emanates from failure of usage of carbon dioxide as needed in photosynthesis. Such high concentration of carbon dioxide gas leads to poor health. Human beings are also denied the privilege of having beautiful environment. It is observed that; God intended that the world have forests. Destruction of such arrangements leads to disorientation of the intended view.
Deforestation also leads to problems to other living organisms. Animals lack places to live in. This is so especially to the animals that live in the forest. Deforestation makes it difficult for plants that depend on other plants to grow to exist. Banerjee & Bit (2015) observe that deforestation destroys ecosystems for various organisms. This denotes the destruction of usual flow of existence of organisms whereby organisms depend on one another for existence.
Historically, problems of deforestation can be said to have undergone several stages. Sabelli (2011) asserts that in the early ages, there was realization that there is need to take care of environment including avoidance of deforestation. Such aspirations were met by ensuring instillation of notions concerning sparing of forests in to generations. It can be said that during those early ages, there was no much pressure in deforestation because of relatively lower population. Hence, there was minimal destruction of forests, therefore less problems of deforestation.
According to Banerjee & Bit (2015) as the world advanced in terms of population and industrialization as well as modern ways of life, there has been progressive deforestation in a bid to meet various needs of the higher population. For instance, there has been deforestation emanating from creating space for settlement. Such deforestation came with problems which need addressing. In the modern era, there has been increased...
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