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Indoor Air Pollution (Research Paper Sample)

Write a report that can cover the Indoor Air Pollution, under the development of the EPA's new voluntary guidance document, “Healthy Indoor Environment Protocols for Home Energy Upgrades". Also please discuss: -How bad air fresheners are for our health. -The 10 Dangerous Everyday Household items. -And how Aerosol Cans Work. In your report please include: 1) Title 2) Table of contents 3) Abstract 4) Problem Statement 5) Method 6) Findings/Discussion & Recommendations. 7) Conclusion 8) References. Thank you source..

Indoor Air Pollution
Indoor Air Pollution
Table of Contents.
1 Abstract
2 Problem Statement
3 Method
4 Findings/Discussion & Recommendations.
1 Air fresheners
2 Non Stick cookware
3 Plastic bottles
4 Conventional cleaning supplies
5 insecticide or herbicide
6 Chemical fertilizers
7 Flame retardants
8 mothballs
9 Pressed wood products
10 Laser printers
Lead paint
5 Conclusion
6 References
In an attempt to make the home a pleasant environment with wonderful aroma, humans have come up with assortment ofchemical products. These chemicals work but on the other hand they are detrimental to health. They cause indoor air pollution. For instance air fresheners. Information about indoor air pollution was obtained from research of published works on indoor air pollution. The Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A) was also a useful source in doing the research. The results indicate the harmful effects of chemical products used in our homes and it is recommended to switch to natural ways of cleaning or perfuming our homes such as the use of cinnamon as a air freshener and vinegar for cleaning (Godish 1989).
Problem Statement
With the increased need for more comfort in our homes today and making our homes more habitable, through trying to improve air quality through the use of chemicals such as air fresheners, we have brought home unknowingly chemicals with have detrimental effects on our health. This results to indoor pollution. Method
In coming years most American homes will be customized so as to improve their energy efficiency and hence make them environmental friendly. This integrated energy efficient and healthy home can at the same time significantly improve indoor quality of air and lower the utility costs.
So as to carry out this customization without...
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