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Research paper on Cyberbullying. Social Sciences paper. (Research Paper Sample)


On a topic of your choice, approved by me: Explain to us a problem that you would like to see addressed, and outline a solution or possible solutions to this problem. Include at least one possible alternative solution or one possible objection to your solution. Seven pages or more.
plz write a research paper on Cyberbullying.


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Bullying is considered an intentional portrayal of aggressive behavior towards another individual, either as a show of power or strength. Traditionally, bullying involved intimidation through social exclusion, physical actions such as punching, as well as verbal bullying, such as the use of abusive language. However, recent advancements in technology have presented a new type of bullying. Cyberbullying, also known as online social cruelty, is termed as the intentional and aggressive action by a person or a group on other defenseless individuals using electronic forms of contact repeatedly over a period of time (Smith et al., 2008). The potential of bullying has become more significant, owing to the excessive use of mobile phones and networked computers among the young generation. Research by the Mobile Life Report indicated that in the UK, more than 91 percent of 12-year-olds and 51 percent of 10-year-olds have mobile phones (Smith et al., 2008). This indicates that children in these categories are more likely to fall victim to cyberbullying. Furthermore, schools are viewed to offer convenient settings for the activity. In the U.S, the issue of cyberbullying has become rampant in high and middle schools (Beran & Li, 2005). Also, students in colleges have reported getting threats, having their private information shared online, or being excluded online. This indicates a rising problem that is bound to have an influence on more children and young adults if no action is taken to prevent the vice. As such, this paper seeks to paint a much clearer picture of cyberbullying and propose solutions to deal with the problem.
Status of Cyberbullying

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