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Persuasive Speech: Bullying In The Workplace (Speech Presentation Sample)


If speech could be on Bullying or Child Abuse that would be great


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The work environment plays a substantial role in the achievement of organizational goals. Employees require a conducive environment for them to be able to work efficiently and achieve set goals (Samnani & Singh, 2016). However, I have noted that there are plenty of bullying cases which make it difficult for the workers to meet their targets. Among such environment is a case whereby the workers feel free to present their grievances to the management, and a course of action is taken. As a result, they would feel that their needs are being catered for hence making it easy for them to adhere to the organizational rules and regulations. Therefore, I urge the meeting to change the policies in regard to bullying in the workplace to ensure that each of the employees is comfortable enough for them to achieve the organizational goals.
The bullying has been going on for a while whereby some of the senior employees get the interns to perform tasks that are not made for them. The interns are in the company for the purpose of learning and, therefore, thy do not have sufficient knowledge for them to be working on certain tasks without guidance. It is through the mistakes that they make while performing such tasks that era highly contributing to the inability of the company to make sufficient profits. As well, some of the team leaders have resolved to the use of dictatorship as a type of leadership. Company research indicates that most of the employees do not perform well under pressure, and they consider such a method of leadership as bullying. Therefore, the team leaders ought to change their leadership skills in order to provide the employees an ample time to accomplish the allocated tasks. Another case of bullying is the issue of sexual harassment that happened to one of the employees. I believe that an action was taken, but it has come to my knowledge that there are still other cases that have not been reported since some of the victims are afraid of losing their jobs. These cases involve some of the members of the management team hence the reason as to why the victims are afraid of talking about it. I consider this to be one of the highest levels of workplace bullying because employees should operate in an environment whereby, they feel contented about the management. Besides, some employees have also been complaining of a huge amount of workload that they are able to accomplish within the stipulated time. Given the dictatorship style of leadership that the team leaders impose of their teams, then the employees are forced to accomplish such tasks regardless of whether they are doing the right thing or not. It is obvious that working under such pressure and

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