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Self Reflection Assignment On My Experience In Japan (Essay Sample)


this is a self-reflect essay, use first three page to talk about one thing that I wish I had share with the entire class but I didn't, and the last two page should be talking about the most awkward discussion for you to participate in and why.
The essay require using some communication knowledge from the text book: Inter-Act interpersonal communication, concept, skills, and context. Base on Chapter1-5, 10 and 12, communication, relationship,and culture.
To answer the first question, I would like to share my own experience from high school, I'm a Chinese female student who get my high school education in Japan, I suffered from the culture difference and the language problem. Since I could fit in the environment, I got bully for my classmate in Japan. After high school, I take few years to heal and now I'm here to study a different culture and knowledge. I believe people can change, and I wish I could share this with my classmate, because one of the reason that I took this class is tiring to make friends. I know I'm always quiet and there's a problem for me to open-up and talk to others. I want people to know that there is a reason for me to being so quite, therefore, people will understand that I'm not just a weird person. Although I have some chance to share, I did not do it, I think that's because I still need time to process and healing for what I experienced before. I still learnt a lot from this class and I became more open, I really happy about it.
For the second part, the most awkward discussion I had is the part when the class talks about the sex and intimacy. I understand that Gender and intimacy (include sexual activity and other things) is just part of the relationship. It's normal and healthy to talk about it and study it in class. Still, from my family education and my Chinese culture, I was taught that as a girl, I shouldn't talk about these things in public. I know it's one of those bad cultures, but just talks about this topic in public still brothers me a little bit.


Student’s Name
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Part 1
The one thing I wish I had shared with the entire class is my experience in Japan. Some of the experiences we go through are hard to tell others and this is one of those. I received my high school education in Japan and my experiences in that period are some of the hardest to forget. As a Chinese student in a new country, there are normal challenges one would expect like culture shock and language problem. My challenges went beyond that. I was bullied because I was different. I am always the quiet student and as such, I did not report. I did not report because I could not communicate well in Japanese. I was also not sure whether I would receive help.
When I undertook my high school education in Japan, I expected I would enjoy learning a new culture and language. I expected that I would have a new good life and with new friends. I did not expect that it would turn out to be lonely and full of unpleasant experiences. While I am happy I got to learn a few things here and there, thinking about my life in Japan somehow makes me sad. I struggled to fit in class. I was bullied for being different and it has affected the way I perceived people other than those close to me.
Initially, I was eager and determined to learn Japanese because I find learning new things fascinating and mainly because that was the only way I could learn other subjects in class. I was not familiar with the Japanese language and I had to learn it in order to understand other subjects. However, my accent was different from other students and they always laughed at how I pronounced things. The bullying from my classmates really affected me. I was not confident in pronouncing words in Japanese because I felt I would not say them correctly. I did not feel like I belong at all. Given the ridicule of my classmates, life in Japan was hard for me. I know I could have come forward and reported what I was experiencing but I was afraid. Maybe things would have been better if I had learned intercultural communication aspects. Maybe I could have learned how to understand myself and the Japanese students better. But communication is a two-way street and I was alone.
I did not feel like myself throughout high school but somehow I managed to get through it. I know my high school performance could have better if the environment had been friendlier. Bullies took control of my emotions and I did not even have friends. I wanted to make friends but I could not. Naturally, I am a shy person and I speak less. Therefore, I missed every opportunity of making friends while studying in Japan. I partly blame this on my initial experiences with the Japanese students.
After high school, I had to take time to heal and find myself again. I took a few years to focus on myself and those that cared for me. I wanted to forget what I went through in high school and my family provided what I needed. I really enjoyed being around people that loved me. I cherish the laughter, stories, and moments we shared after high school. Sometimes I would think about the bullying and become really glad that I made it through. Despite all the high school experiences, I did not l

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