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Criminal Justice Reform in America Law Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Select one aspect of criminal justice reform (police operations, police conduct, sentencing, incarceration, criminal law, etc.) and describe and support the need for reform and how it should be accomplished.
Parameters: 4–6 pages of double-spaced text (excluding title page, abstract, and reference list). Use at least two academic resources to support your views.


Criminal Justice Reform in America: Incarcerations
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The mass arrests are a significant concern in the American Criminal Justice system. The US has the highest incarcerations rates in the world. Due to this urgent action is necessary to mitigate the issue as a substantial portion of the budget is used to maintain the prison system. This paper takes a look at America’s prison system and state of arrest. It then looks at why prison reforms are necessary for America. The paper also briefly highlights the higher rates of arrest among the African-Americans. Lastly, the paper will describe some of the strategies to institute prison reforms and trim down the high arrest cases.
Criminal Justice Reform in America: Incarceration
America's criminal justice system limits opportunities for millions of citizens. Besides, America's bloated prison system weighs down taxpayers at all dimensions from local to the federal levels. It denies basic rights to individuals, families, and communities, particularly minority groups such as African-Americans. Due to this, the system deserves reform to address these inherent weaknesses. Over- incarcerations destroy numerous families, which dampens their future. Despite substantial resources being devoted to the system, America continues to witness significant public safety challenges (FWD.US, 2020). That is why America’s criminal justice reforms should be concentrated on transforming correctional units to enhance public safety.

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