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Human Trafficking. Social Sciences Research Paper. (Research Paper Sample)


This research paper topic is about “Human Trafficking”. Please try to touch on human trafficking close to home on the southern border.
Paper Format:
• Cover Page
• Abstract (250 words)
• Literature Review – Critical analysis is the key here
• Methodology (This needs to more than a single sentence that states “I used qualitative methods”. Take the time to explore what type of qualitative method you used…. Content Analysis and Case Study are the two approaches that seem most likely for this course.
• Analysis – What does your research tell you? What are your conclusions"
• Conclusion – ensure you include what future research should cover that has not been explored.
• Reference List.


Human Trafficking
Institutional affiliate
Human Trafficking
Human trafficking is an act of crime that affects individuals from across the gender and age divide as men, women, and children may fall victim to the heinous criminal activity. The human traffickers also tend to take advantage of the vulnerable individuals within the community that is exposed to adverse socio-economic factors such as poverty and high rates of criminal activities in their immediate environments or host nations at large. Political instabilities such as extrajudicial killings and persecutions as well as wars also function to create vulnerabilities among men, women, and children and thus exposing them to human traffickers as they seek to escape the political insecurities. The outlined factors account for the increasing rate of immigration across the southern border in the United States, which further leads to an equally increasing rate of human trafficking from the South American countries through the U.S.-Mexico border. The underlying factors contributing to the perpetuation of human trafficking across the southern border coupled with the effects of the same makes for an area of concern that attracts the attention of scholars across different disciplines. Provided herein is thus a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of some of the research studies and materials on human trafficking that function to enhance the understating of its underlying features and effects on both the victims and the countries involved.

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