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Ebric Hobsbawm and French revolution History Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


This assignment involves selecting an article or book published since1970and writing an essay that places it in its full scholarlycontext.As with the articlereview, the aim is to summarize the purpose and argument of the article or book and the historical tradition it belongs to and to critique its strengths and weaknesses (in terms of the questions it asks and the evidence it uses). In addition you need to trace the influence of the article or book and how other or later scholars received it.
Finally, avoid using an article or book you have reviewed.


Eric Hobsbawm and the French Revolution
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Eric Hobsbawm was a British historian and author of dozens of books over half a century. His books covered the broad history of Europe such as Echoes of the Marseillaise that looks back on the French revolution through a deeper scope. He approaches the European revolutions as ‘dual revolutions’ meaning that the demand for political change was influenced by the rapid industrial changes. At this time, pieces of literature regarding the French revolution were massively skewed and the narrative was mainly dominated by those who did not like it. This essay will analyze Eric’s perspective on the French revolution, similarities with other kinds of literature, its reviews by other scholars and its strengths and weaknesses.

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