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Whether And How The Sound Played A Supporting Role For The Visual Effect Of Conceptual Video Art (Research Paper Sample)


Some of the work is written in Chinese, and I don't know if there is an English version, maybe this work requires a lot translation, by using Google translate. I have all the instructions by Chinese, and the below is my translated English instruction.
the paper must include a complete bibliography with at least four hard copy sources with detailed citations. on-line sources that are in addition to hard copy sources must be properly acknowledge including description of website, as defined by the �about us� page. or edition page. (online publications that also distribute hard copies are considered �hard copy� sources. example: NY time online)
I believe the concept of video art is presenting the information by visualizing, but the sound represented could be in different way. The combination of image and vocal to present its information perfectly, would be a really hard things to do. I want to learn how to combine the vocal and its concept together by reviewing those works.
And discuss is the vocal (sound) an aspect of assisting the image's spread of information in the video art.
Starts from HuJieMing artist's work "与生理状态"and "The cities in the wind"
and refer the artist ZhouTao's work "1234"(
But the information was in Chinese. Might need the writer to use translate.
The Chinese character one I couldn't translate to English, I translated the second one "The cities in the wind", maybe google the name could have more information than the links has. And google "Zhoutao 1234" will come up with English version


Visual arts are compromised quite a number of art forms among them, architecture, literature, sculptures ceramics, design, printmaking, crafts, video, photography, filmmaking, drawings and paintings among others. There are quite a number of disciplines in this field and among them are the performance arts. This is a field that involves creativity, where the artiste performs in front of an audience. This could be in the form of spoken words such as poems, drama, music or/and dance. At the heart of the creativity and the elements of performance in front of the audience is the combination that comes with visual and audio effects (Brittanie, 2008). These two are involved in bringing out some of the best performances relative to what the artiste intends. Sound can play a number of vital roles in supporting the visual performance, for example in a drama performance on stage. One of the subtlest elements of performance arts is that they are universal and every other culture across the globe will have some form of performance arts that are in line with the historical, cultural, social and economic aspects of the community in question. This paper reviews some of the effects that can be found in the works by Zhou Tao and Hu Jieming from China.
It is crucial to understand the basic impact that sound has on visual performances as a guiding baseline for the evaluation of the works by Zhou Tao and Hu Jieming. One of the main supporting roles that the sounds play in visual arts presentation is associated with creating or simply simulating reality. This is to mean that the sounds are used to give the audience a sense of reality associated with the visual aspect that they are interacting with on the stage. One of the best example that can best indicate the element of creating a reality is with a gunshot shown on stage. When one of the characters on stage fires a gun at another character (Brittanie, 2008). The situation is dramatized in such a way that indicated the character that has been shot is wounded and may fall down or act in a way that shows the impact that the bullets had on him or her. It is the inclusion of the sound effect associated with a gun shot that makes the scene more believable. Using gun ponder or other recorded sounds to accompany the act of shooting a gun, the audience are treated to a simulated reality of an actual gun fight. This makes the scene more believable and increases the sense of authenticity (Winokur & Holsinger, 2001). The theatrics come alive with the inclusion of the sound effects with the visual bits of the performance.
The other effect that is created by the sounds in the visual content is an illusion. Sound is the most effective way that director or an artiste in this case to create an illusion that the audience can relate with and brings more live to the performance. In the case of production, of a film, there is some element of reduced costs. In a good example, if the drama on stage involves a family of three sitting at the dinner table when their father comes through the door, there are some elements of sound that could be used to create the illusion of his arrival. using sound, the director may have sounds incorporated to signify, the father driving in to the drive way, banging the car door, using his keys on the front door, before he is seen by the audience to come in through the front door (Brittanie, 2008). The sounds indicating a car driving into the drive way, signifies that the father to the family came home in the family car, alights as the door is heard banging and opens the door using his keys to the front door. In the real sense, none of these actions take place, as the father character is simply waiting backstage as the sounds are played. This is to mean that none of the scenes involving a car were shot as they are s...
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