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What is the Social Problem Discussed in Documentary "Wealthy and Poor" (Reaction Paper Sample)


please use this questions as a guide to write about the documentary
please use this as a guidelines
1.-what concept is being addressed ?
2.-what is the perspective of the author?
3.-how does this article related to social welfare policies?
4.-what is the social problem and social concept discussed in this documentary
wealthy and poor 


Wealthy and Poor
Wealthy and Poor
The documentary addresses the concept of the rich using their wealth to control politicians so that they can draft bills and come up with laws that not only secure their wealth but also make them even richer. Through their wealth, they use political power to rig policies in their favor. People like Paul Ryan, a politician who receives more money from the Koch brother than any other congressman push for the sick ideologies and antigovernment policies of the billionaires.
The rich continue being rich and the poor become even poorer. The author compares the situation with the game of monopoly, where the winner takes it all. There are those who are born in advantaged environments, and they have a higher chance of making it in life compared to those born in impoverished situations (Baldock, 2007).
The budget drafted by Paul Ryan and his like-minded mates called "Pat...
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