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Animal Testing For Cosmetics Should Be Stopped (Reaction Paper Sample)


1. Please check both attachments, one is PowerPoint with content "Animal Testing For Cosmetics Should Be Stopped", another one is Template & Guideline that will be used for this order; 
2. This order is going to write some opposes from uploaded PowerPoint; 
3. This order must follow the Template &


Opposes for "Animal Testing For Cosmetics Should Be Stopped"
Opposes for "Animal Testing For Cosmetics Should Be Stopped"
Animal testing is a divided subject where most individuals support animal testing because of various reasons. In the past, research uses animals to gain knowledge of how the human body works; most of the medical breakthroughs have occurred due to animal testing. This is one of the important reasons to support animal testing because it has been able to reduce human suffering and also saving lives for both humans and animals. This is contrary to opinions of other activists who argue that an animal is very different from human; therefore, research on animal would yield irrelevant results (Caplan, 1983).
Many argue that animals have moral status as humans. According to Steve Sapontzis one of the professors at California State University, he emphasizes that animals are not different from humans because they have feelings, the same way humans do. This is one of the major ethical issues that are addressed by researchers by minimizing it where possible. For instance, researchers use anesthetic to reduce pain and discomfort for the animals they use for their researches in that case addressing the ethical issue concerning the animal feelings (Sapontzis, 1980). Accordingly, the animals involved in researches are respected and well-taken care of.
In an article written by Gilbert Ross about perspective on the safety of cosmetic products, he claims that there are certain ingredients that causes cancer and also damage human reproductive organs. As much as the Food and Drug Association does not support animal testing, it emphasizes on safety to be demonstrated by the cosmetic companies (Ross, 2006). Most of the research facilities have developed an internal institutional animal committee that represents the society’s concerns. Most of the board memb...
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