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Virtual Ethics (Reaction Paper Sample)


I will attach the website that needs to be experienced, the grading rubric for information on how to get me an A as well as attaching the instructions for the paper.
See below for info.. 
Making an Ethical Decision” App
Use and then write about your experience using the “Making an Ethical Decision” app
from the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics [].
Begin by thinking about a difficult ethical decision you either have faced or you think you
might face (this could be something dealing with your potential line of work, but it need
not be). At the “Get the Facts” page, type in what you think are the relevant facts as
described there. Then, based on these facts, make a preliminary decision in terms of
how you did or might act in the situation you are considering. Next, move through the
five “ethics perspectives” (utility, rights, justice, common good, and virtue), moving the
slider to correspond to how you think your action would satisfy the requirements of each
of the perspectives. For each ethical perspective, click on the “More Info” link and read
the material presented there to give you a better idea of how to apply each perspective
to your case. On the “Weigh the Perspectives” page, recalibrate the percentages to
better reflect what you think are the perspectives most relevant to your case. Finally,
record your final score.
Then, in a paper of 800-900 words, briefly describe the case, the relevant facts, and the
decision you used as your example. Then explain how and why you placed the slider
where you did for each perspective, and explain why you gave the perspectives the
“weight” you did. In the remainder of your paper, evaluate your experience using the
app. Some questions to think about: Did using the app change your view of the situation
and/or your choice? Why or why not? How effective do you think this app would be in
helping people make ethical decisions? Explain why. What do you think is most useful
about the app? What is least useful? Would you suggest using this app in professional
settings? In personal settings? Explain why or why not. Do not feel you need to answer
all of these questions in your paper, but you should have a significant amount of
analysis and evaluation of the app itself (how it works and how well you think it works),
in addition to your initial description of your experience using the app.
Submit the paper as a Word document attachment (no pdfs please), in the “Writing
Assignment #1 Drop Box” on Blackboard by Friday, October 9 by 5pm.

Virtual Ethics
Course title:
Virtual Ethics
Relevant facts and decision that was made
One difficult ethical decision which I have faced at the place of work entailed the introduction of new flawed products into the market. At that time, I was the Product Manager of a toy manufacturer. The company had spent $25 million, which is a considerable amount, in research and development (R&D) to produce a new toy product designed for girls. Prior to its launch, the product was tested thoroughly. Testing revealed that 5% of all the new toy products were defective and could be harmful to the users. The sample size of the defective products was very small and in fact not statistically significant. As the product manager, I had to make a decision of either to postpone the launch of these new toys until the problem is rectified or to bring them into the market and sell them even with the defects. Individuals or groups with an important stake in the outcome include consumers who are young children who would use the defective toys and the company’s management who invested considerably in the product.
This was an ethical dilemma and the decision was difficult to make considering that if the launch of these new products is delayed, the company would lose millions of money. Conversely, if the defective products are introduced into the market, the users – young children – are more likely to be harmed, the company may suffer huge fines for making unsafe toys, and the company’s reputation for making high quality toys would be tarnished and damaged (Jackson, Wood & Zboja, 2013). At long last, I chose to hold off the launch. I believe that this decision was morally right.
Ethics perspective
Utility: I placed the slider upwards close to More Good. The action of delaying the launch of flawed toy products into the market actually produces the most good and does the least harm to those who are affected, particularly the consumers who are young children. The good that resulted is that since the faulty toy products were not sold, children did not play with them, the company was not fined heavily and the company’s reputation was not damaged. The outcome is measured by financial impact. If the flawed products had been introduced into the market, the company may have been fined millions of dollars by the relevant authorities (Welker & Berardino, 2014).
Rights: I placed the slider upwards to More Respect for Rights. This is b...
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