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The Battle of Long Tan Heroes (Reaction Paper Sample)

Writer, read the attach document very carefully. This is to be written as a Reaction Paper to the film Battle of Long Tan. Follow the link in the attach document to the film. Your only source is the film. source..

The Battle of Long Tan Heroes
Author`s Name
The Battle of Long Tan is a battle that dealt a major blow to the North Vietnamese forces and the Vietcong where 245 of their men died in the hands of Australian forces. It took place in Phouc Tuy Province, Long Tan Village, South Vietnam starting on August 18, 1966 and ending on August 21, 1966. It started as a war for the control of the place Nui Dat versus the Vietnamese revolutionaries. The Australian heroes of Long Tan can only be described by words that signify bravery, faith, and pride. Their story is truly inspirational and bone chilling as the documentary has presented it to its viewers. The documentary about the battle of Long Tan has done a good job by letting the viewers feel and empathize with the people shown in the documentary. This documentary is unique as it features Australian forces efforts in the Vietnam War. Usually, Australian soldiers are considered as secondary forces but this is one epic battle that deserves recognition in the annals of war. The main thesis of this paper is that Australian soldiers should be given credit where credit is due.
This documentary certainly deserves to be seen by the whole world in order to celebrate the heroism of the Australian soldiers. In the battle of Long Tan, the viewers will see the experiences and hardships of the Australian forces that have been sent to Long Tan in order to fight the enemy, the Viet Cong forces. Their experiences were full of struggles and challenges but still they were able to overcome it all and move on to what their duty is. The Australian forces that experienced the battle of Long Tan were based at Nui Dat and were presented with odds that seem to be against them on every side. They were in a position in which there was little chance for victory. The most vulnerable during the whole ordeal were the men from 11th Platoon. They were the ones who faced the most hardships as they were in the line of enemy fire. This film was able to make the audience feel their emotions, their fears, their numbness, and their desperation. And yet they were able to come through as victorious in the end....
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