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American Justice System Response (Reaction Paper Sample)


What has been happening in our society lately is devastating. It is now common to turn on our televisions and hear about new cases of abuse towards African Americans by the police. I am not sure if I was just too young to realize this going on, but I do not remember hearing about police brutality growing up. Black lives matter, why are African Americans different from any other race? Black Life Matters, it is time for our community to get their heads off racism, this country loves to say we have equality; it’s time for everyone to be treated with the equal respect. As to police militarizing, I have tried to understand the police point of view. Most police officers I know have a goal. The goal to make our community safer, none have the goal to go out there and kill African Americans. They have told me that they are facing stereotyping as well; they are being generalized and treated with less respect due to other actions. Even though it goes unheard, there are officers who are also joining protesters in the rally against racial profiling and discrimination (Wing, 2013). There are programs that are being held for police officers to visit local schools to familiarize kids with their local police department mission. This is being done so children do not grow up with the mentality that the police are bad. Currently, there are nearby neighborhoods where the police are having issues with kids being disrespectful

I agree that the recent killings of Black Americans by white policemen have presented a new perspective in the American justice system, specifically the relations between law enforcement and the black community. Clearly, the writer of this essay does not support the killings of black Americans but he does not support the hatred and bad feelings directed towards the policemen either. From a personal perspective, there are good and bad people, hence the good should not be judged based on the bad. A valid point though it comes off not as a persuasive argument but as an unbalanced strong opinion. I laud the fact that he tackled a different angle to the black American killings story: the cop’s side of the story. He however overpromises but does not deliver. I imagine that every reader out there would be more inter...
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