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Comparison And Contrast Of Two Print Ads (Reaction Paper Sample)


Formatting: Double-spaced, 12-pt, Times New Roman font; 1” margins.
Citation Style: Either APA, MLA, or Chicago (See PurdueOwl for proper citation guidelines for each of these formats)
Word Length: 1600 words minimum.
The purpose of this assignment is to:
Apply your newly retained knowledge of various approaches to advertising AND to integrate external knowledge regarding the way that ads function (garnered from independent research) in order to Analyze, compare, and contrast two print ads from different eras.
In order to illustrate your existing knowledge, you will discuss various creative philosophies and formulaic approaches to advertising from Soap, Sex, and Cigarettes (Sivulka – various chapters) where they apply.
You will also discuss Williamson's and Hall's approach to decoding media through signs/symbolic exchange. Remember, you don't have to agree with Williamson or Hall – you should simply demonstrate your understanding of the material by considering how their approaches would yield certain readings of a given ad. Feel free to privilege other scholarly approaches to decoding ads if they resonate more closely with you.
You must integrate at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles that discuss advertising appeals, advertisement construction, the symbolism and/or decoding of advertising, etc.
Ad Archive: You can find the ad archive on Icon under “Files” à “Ad Archive”. Be sure you choose two ads from DIFFERENT folders, as the task is to compare and contrast ads from different ears, and the folders are organized by era.
You will be assessed on:
Your application/explanation of course subject matter (Sivulka, Williamson, Hall)
Your ability to organize the comparison of these two advertisements with a strong thesis statement in a document that includes a clear introduction, a body that logically supports your main points and a memorable and synthesizing conclusion.
Your diligence in meeting the aforementioned citation, formatting, and word length requirements.
Appropriate selection of external research/ Effective integration of external research.


Analysis of Two Ads
Author Name
University Name
We have been waking up to Kellogg's corn flakes and other products since 1907 when the company was founded. The same year, it launched a number of ready-to-eat breakfast cereals, and the brand revolutionized the way we enjoyed our breakfast and made its name worldwide. Today, various varieties of corn flakes are available in the markets, and these are considered an instant and great source of energy. Toasted corn flakes contain loads of minerals, proteins, iron, vitamins, and other similar ingredients. Fortunately, they got popularity in no time, and since their launch, toasted corn flakes have been used and liked by everyone (Lipton, 2000).
Mostly our mothers want us to eat something healthy and energetic in the morning. Toasted corn flakes, is full of nutrients, promise to provide our bodies with sufficient calories and help us begin the day to its fullest. The current ad of toasted corn flakes looks quite appealing and attractive. Here a woman is shown in the display, delivering a big and positive message. This lady tries her best to engage the audience and makes them understand that toasted corn flakes have no alternative. They are not only full of energy but also are very tasty and mouth-watering. In one way or the other, she does her best to attract the people towards this product (Danesi, 2008).
I must say that the overall presentation and color combination of this ad are remarkable. From the makeup of that lady to a smile on her face and to the text message displayed in the front, everything is quite engaging and adorable. However, the sales of other cereals are also growing, so how would Kellogg's manage to maintain its reputation and brand name. For this purpose, the company has offered huge discounts on its toasted and plain corn flakes. Not only this but also it has adopted a lot of awesome marketing strategies. The purpose is to defeat the rivals, increase sales and generate more and more revenues (Reiss, 1986).
The base ingredients of corn flakes are sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and flavors. They are prepared with great care, and the company does not compromise on hygiene or quality. Being rich in folate, these corn flakes ensure the production of new body cells, prevent birth defects and colon cancer, as well as save us from heart diseases and brain stroke. This particular ad was made years ago, but the message depicted in it is still unique and impressive. The lady, being a mother, knows what her children need early in the morning. Instead of getting them something low-quality, she opts for toasted corn flakes and combines them with cold milk (Belch, 2009).
It's indeed an excellent meal, and she is confident that her children and husband would love it. Rich in iron and cholesterol, these toasted corn flakes are enough to make her and her children's day. In this specific ad, she looks happy and satisfied and gives the impression that she has provided her kids with the right kind of meal. She is confident that these corn flakes will make her children mentally and physically strong, and will allow them to stay energetic and motivated the whole day (Williamson, 2002).
Owned by British American Tobacco, Lucky Strike is a famous American brand of smoking pipes and cigarettes. They are commonly referred to as Luckies and have been around for quite some time. In this particular ad, Lucky Strike has tried to sell its cigarettes using the picture of a bold and beautiful lady. Have you ever heard of toasted cigarettes? I bet you would want to try these Lucky Strike cigarettes because they are said to be having good taste and can make you feel happy and tension-free. In 1871, this brand was launched as a chewing tobacco company in the United States, and with time, it expanded its rout...

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