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Learner - Friendly School Policy. Social Sciences. (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Add a summary of how you will disseminate the information. The
paper will be no more than three pages (12-point font) single-spaced and formatting should be done in such a
way that it makes it easy for stakeholders (e.g. policy makers) to read and absorb the information. Again, be SURE TO USE FOOTNOTES RATHER THAN APA STYLE
The final draft of your policy brief (Part III) assignment should include:
1. A clear and concise statement of the current policy-related social problem, why it is a problem, and who
is primarily affected by the problem. Pay careful attention to those directly affected as well as those who
are indirectly touched by the problem’s existence. If some people or groups benefit from the problem’s
perpetuation, you may include this information. In writing the policy brief, pay particular attention to the
intent and impact of your chosen policy on vulnerable groups including women, children, older adults,
people of color, gays and lesbians, and poor people, as applicable to your analysis.
2. Recent statistics from valid sources, as relevant, to describe the extent and nature of the problem, with
special attention to vulnerable populations with which social work is particularly concerned.
3. Brief historical background on the problem, including recent changes that warrant action today.
4. Discussion of previous policy attempts to address the problem, if any. Include any changes in or
limitations of current policy, or prior policy practice attempts, as well as any ways that such changes,
limitations, or attempts may have exacerbated this problem or contributed to the emergence or
intensification of other social problems.
5. Articulation of the policy options, with attention to the economic and political “costs” of each option as
they shape the feasibility of policy practice in your area of interest. Include a brief discussion of the
extent to which various policy alternatives are consistent with the NASW Code of Ethics.
6. Your policy recommendation and a brief evidence-based summary of why this particular policy
alternative is best-suited for addressing this problem.
7. Include a brief summary on how you have used, or will use, the policy brief this semester. This may
include a discussion of how you disseminate the brief, the groups and organizations whose leaders and
constituents (including clients and community members) you collaborate with in this policy practice
endeavor, if and how the policy has been impacted, and next steps in this policy practice effort.


Learner-Friendly School Policy
Due Date
Learner-Friendly School Policy
The school environment should be a place where every student feels protected, loved, and cared for regardless of the physical or perceived differences that may exist. Schools exist to help students achieve their dreams. However, some end up crushing these dreams mainly because of the lack of policies that ensure or promote a learner-friendly environment. Issues like discrimination continue to impact the lives of a lot of students. Students from poor families, those who are part of the LGBTQ community, and students from the minority groups often find themselves on the receiving end of discriminatory and derogatory remarks from either their peers, students, or even their parents. The effect of such an environment is that it crushes the students instead of gifting them the power, courage, and confidence to face the world. Discrimination either within the school environment or in the community also impacts the mental state of a student, and this can induce stress responses that Brown indicates are similar to post-traumatic stress disorders. Additionally, when teachers are involved or seem to take part in discriminatory practices, students’ performance is greatly impacted. Introducing a policy that seeks to promote a learner-friendly environment will positively impact the lives of students and their families.[Brown, C. (2015). The Educational, Psychological, and Social Impact of Discrimination on the Immigrant Child. Migration Policy Institute. Retrieved from]

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