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Bullying Literature & Language Research Paper Essay (Research Paper Sample)


I have already written the three points of thesis statement. I can reorganize the language but cannot change it.


M A-20O1
Y°U wi'1 be writing a problem/solution essay that considers a social problem that VOU find particularly troubling. Your thesis should state why you believe that this particular policy, practice or situation is unjust. (What are the reasons that you believe this is wrong, bad or unjust?) For instance: Bullying is wrong because it leads to violence, destroys self-esteem and creates insecurity. Pages 115 to 116 in your textbook, provide a very good description of this type of essay.
Your research essay is due by midnight on December 12th. These essays must be submitted electronically through Turnitin on Blackboard no later than midmg on the 12th. If you submit the essay at any time before the due date, 5 points wi be added to your grade.Requirements
The essay is five pages in length, not including the title page or the Works Cited page
The Works Cited page must be formatted according to MLA guidelines
Pages are numbered in the upper right-hand corner with your last name in front of the page number
The essay includes quotations from at least four different sources
Far.h paragraph should contain at least two quotations
Quotations are relevant to and adequately support the topic sentences
The first time you use a person's name in the text, be sure to identify that person with his or her full name, title, affiliation...
Each quotation is followed by an in-text citation according to MLA guidelines
The essay is typed, Times New Roman 12 pt., double spaced
Beginnings of paragraphs are indented; no extra space between paragraphs
There is an introduction that ends with a thesis statement Sentence structures are correct and correctly punctuated Verb tense and pronoun use are consistent
• Conventions of capitalization and punctuation are followed correctlyBooVMnH


Name of Student;
Course Name;
Date of Submission;
Bullying is the regular misuse of power. It is defined as aggressive behavior or deliberate harm-doing by peers that are carried out frequently and involves an imbalance of power amongst the victim and the bully. Bullying can occur directly, which includes physical and oral acts of aggression, such as stealing or indirect, which is featured by social barring. Teenagers can be involved in bullying as victims or as a bully, a subgroup of victims who also show bullying behavior. The purpose of this paper is to discuss various effects of bullying in society in general. Bullying is terrible basically because it breaks the balance among individuals; people who suffer from bullying might have health issues. Bullying also encourages violence, including reduced adaptation to adult responsibility, such as forming lasting relationships and become economically independent in society.

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