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Immigration: Border Security in Texas. Social Sciences (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This week, you will start working on your policy brief. This week, Part I of your policy brief is due. This assignment focuses on problem identification-current policy related social problem. The paper will be no more than two pages (12-point font) and formatting should be done in such a way that it makes it easy for stakeholders (e.g. policy makers) to read and absorb the information. You will not follow APA for this assignment, but should use footnotes to cite your sources instead. The document should also be single-spaced. Feedback will be provided on this submission to use in the final version (Part III).
To help you with this project, follow the following specific instructions.
1. Working with your professor, choose a public policy that affects the social and/or economic well-being of clients, groups, and/or larger communities. The social welfare policy that you select may be local, state, national or international.
2. Conduct secondary research on this topic, using peer-reviewed journal articles, as well as related
publications from think-tanks, government entities, advocacy groups and social work organizations.
3. Using this research, write a concise (no more than 2 pages) policy brief that articulates the social
problem, condition, or current policy provision that results in diminished social or economic well-being.
4. Your Part I policy brief should include:
a. A clear and concise statement of the current policy-related social problem, why it is a problem,
and who is primarily affected by the problem. Pay careful attention to those directly affected as
well as those who are indirectly touched by the problem’s existence. If some people or groups
benefit from the problem’s perpetuation, you may include this information. In writing the policy
brief, pay particular attention to the intent and impact of your chosen policy on vulnerable
groups including women, children, older adults, people of color, gays and lesbians, and poor
people, as applicable to your analysis.
b. Recent statistics from valid sources, as relevant, to describe the extent and nature of the
problem, with special attention to vulnerable populations with which social work is particularly
c. Brief historical background on the problem, including recent changes that warrant action today.


School Policy
Policy Statement
A safe, protective and healthy learning environment without discrimination of any form provides a gallant opportunity for learners, their instructors, and the entire community to interact symbiotically for the good course of education. To achieve maximum intent of education, all schools and communities ought to embrace good health and nutritional practices, discourage segregation of any form, and emphasize protection of learning centers and the entire society. The policy reflects the guiding principles that are followed while engaging all stakeholders to promote safety, good health practices, justice, and fairness between schools and the entire communities.

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