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Addictions in A Star is Born. Social Sciences. Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


explore a film (A Star is Born) where issues related to substance use are present. To offer an analysis by drawing on resources and materials we are studying in the course,- ie. our texts and posted material- by focusing on the bio- psycho-social plus approach to addiction we have been developing in the course. The focus of this assignment is on addiction to alcohol and or tobacco, you will have a chance to explore issues related to illicit drugs and behavioural addictions in the second assignment.
must apply the Skinner bio-psycho-social plus (BPS+) model to a topic!!!!!
effectively analyze and comment on the addiction issues


Addictions in A Star Is Born
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Over the years, there has been a need to frame medical conditions in terms of their social or psychological impacts. It is through such research that the model of the bio-psycho-social model was developed. The three dimensions of the model are interconnected with one another, hence making it easy for physicians to understand an individuals' illness. As a result, physicians are able to determine the cause and recovery of the patients. The model has been advanced into the BPS plus +, which highlights culture and spirituality as factors in understanding addiction. Therefore, this paper will focus on the analysis of the issue of addiction in A Star Is Born's film based on the Skinner bio-psycho-social plus model.
The plot of the film, A Star Is Born, is on the issue of substance abuse and addiction. It features the relationship between an aspiring singer known as Ally and a famous musician known as Jackson Maine. Jackson has an addiction to alcohol, as well as the medication that was administered in the treatment of tinnitus. His addiction ends up disrupting his career, as evidenced by the scenes where he blacks out in hotels, gets into arguments with his manager, and derails Ally's' acceptance speech at the Grammys. Ally tries her level best to be a supporting partner to the extent where she visits him in rehab.

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