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Aircraft Performance Analysis (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Please write a summary about my project. The writer should calculate the percentage of the flight. Please contact me if has any questions. The attachment is my project(source) and an example from my classmate. Thank you.
Here is the instruction from professor:​
A summary of the aircraft performance (on-time). Were certain days better or worse? How about as the day went on? How about as the week/month went on? ​
If an airplane was late, when and where did the airplane "make up" time​
What percentage of departures were on time (D0), within 15 minutes of on time (D15) or more than 15 minutes late?​
What was the percentage of "first flights of the day" that left on time (D0)?​
What percentage of arrivals were on time (A0), within 14 minutes of on time (A14) or more than 14 minutes late?


Aircraft Performance Analysis
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In the month of May 2019, N217NV has an average departure delay of 36.2 minutes and average arrival delay of -83 minutes. 61.5 % of aircrafts departed on time (D0), and 53.8% of flights arrived on time (A0). Additionally, 62.6% of flights departed within 15 minutes from schedule (D15) and arrived within 14 minutes of on time (A14). 25.2% of flights were more than 15 minutes late on departure and more than 14 minutes late on arrival. Overall, there are about 57 flights in weekdays and 34 flights during weekends. As for on-time performance, it shows that 39% of all f

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