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Talking Bear Toy (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

create a new toy or video game. Your essay should be between 5-7 paragraphs addressing the points below. Have fun. Be creative. In real life holiday products are being made and shipped during this time of year to arrive in time for November sales. The goal is to demonstrate your understanding of Marketing. Do not try to "overstand" this assignment. 1. Product Description (Features, Colors, Sizes, Versions) 2. Prices 3. Target Market (Gender, Age, Income etc..) 4. Promotion (TV,Radio,Internet,Magazines etc..) source..
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Talking Bear Toy
Toys are necessities for children. It is the responsibility of all parents to ensure that their children have necessary toys to play with. Play is one important factor in a growing child. Playing not only boosts a child’s physical development but also is vital in psychological development. Presence of toys among children helps in creation of new friends between them hence promoting happy and proper childhoods. The talking bear toy is one of the toys created to enhance playing among children. It’s the type of toy that every child would fancy to have.
Product Description
The talking bear toy is a woolen type of toy with few parts made of plastic and rubber. The toy is actually a type of a toy bear with an added feature of talking. This toy is special in its own way since it is able to say exactly the same words that are fed into it. A plastic button is pressed then a statement said to a small microphone on its chest. Upon releasing the button, the same words are heard from the bear. The bears exist in different sizes which are small, medium and large. The large in size is the same size as a human while the smallest is in the size of a cat. Different colors of the talking bear toy are also available depending on the customer’s preference. Two versions currently exist referred to as classic and modern. The difference in the versions is that the classic has a smaller memory size and only a short statement can be fed to it. The modern version has a larger memory and a long statement can be fed to it and the same will be given out by the bear.
Prices of the talking bear toy vary depending on the version and the sizes. The modern version prices are relatively higher than the classic versions but all the same the prices are friendly. The large size has a higher price than the medium and small size. The prices are in a dropping trend from the largest to the smallest. These prices for the talking bear toy are affordable by everyone and simple savings of up to a month are enough for purchasing it. The prices are attainable and pocket friendly
Target Market
The talking bear toy is a toy for young children in the age bracket of four to eleven years old. It covers all genders as both male and female children can use it as toy whenever playing. Availability of the toy in the market is provided to everyone. It is not restricted to high income earners only but the low and medium income earners are able to afford it too. The talking bear toy is a friendly toy which is easy to use and has no negative effects to the children or the env...
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