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H. J. Heinz Company (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The purpose of this assignment is for you to present a possible group project idea to me in a professional email format. Each of you will present a topic that will then become the potential focus for the group project for the remainder of the session.
The email must reflect the following criteria:
1. Proper business tone and etiquette as discussed in your textbook on pages 180-182.
2. Maximum of 300 words
3. Focuses on a specific issue, problem, upgrade, modification, or change that you wish to propose in a specific company or environment. In other words, you must choose a real company (preferably a company that you have worked for or wish to work for) or organization (i.e. military, church, nonprofit). This cannot be a made-up company or organization. This change that you are proposing can be manufactured, but the environment must be real, meaning you will eventually need to identify real people in the company that could actually respond to your proposal.
4. This issue or change you are proposing can focus on any area that interests you:
a. Management (perhaps a call for change in management styles)
b. Training techniques
c. Communication (between employees, between management and employees, or even between employees and customers)
d. Technology 
e. Safety
f. Ethics
g. Employee turnover/morale
h. Human Resources
i. Health
5. I would like the email to follow a simple four-paragraph structure:
a. State your proposed change and the specific company (2-3 sentences)
b. Background which briefly establishes the reason for the change. In other words, what situation leads you to believe that this proposal is necessary?
c. Details of your proposed change (this should be the longest portion of your email)
d. Closing

H. J. Heinz Company
Heinz has a strong financial muscle and a successful domestic market base but its entry in the Asian market has not been effective (Heinz Company, 6). There has been many cultural issues exist that the multinational corporation have to deal with when venturing in a new cultural arena. The change that the company needs to adopt relates in its international marketing strategy.
Asia markets particularly in China recognizes the importance of health dieting by avoiding processed food products. Processed products could therefore have a detrimental effect on business model in China. The cultural resistance to diversification is a liability for the company (Heinz Company, 5).
Heinz Company is one of the world's largest food companies based in Pittsburg PA. Heinz makes food products such as ketchup frozen foods, Classico pasta sauces, Ore-Ida frozen infant food, beans, pasta meals and other processed food products. However, its leading product is ket...
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