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“International students on campus benefit their US Classmates” found in Duke Today (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Monday, February 17
Write a one paragraph (page) summary of the article “International students on campus benefit their US Classmates” found in Duke Today. Link: 
A good summary includes:
- an introduction with all the necessary information to show this is a summary.
- a well organized body with accurate and effective transition phrases and author tags.  - a conclusion that provides closure to the summary and does not include any of your personal opinion. 
- concise, clear and grammatical sound sentence structure
- no patchwork paraphrasing
- a reference page with the reference from the one article 
The summary presentation given to you in class last week that discusses the process and what to include in the summary are found in the Writing Assignments tab and summary folder on blackboard.  
You will be graded on the following: (see Summary Grading Rubric)
-complete introduction
-complete and accurate main ideas
-effective paraphrasing ability (no patchwork paraphrasing or awkward rewording)
-good organization/flow of ideas with effective transition words (not just “next,” “then,” etc.)
-objectivity (no opinion added and adequate use of author tags)
-accurate grammar
To submit the assignment, you must: 
1. (REQUIRED) Uploard a digital copy to blackboard under the “Writing Assignments”  tab in the SUMMARY FOLDER before 11:59 pm. (Monday, February 17)
2. (OPTIONAL) In addition to the digital copy on blackboard, a hard copy submitted in class (by Wednesday, Feb. 19) is always appreciated and receives 2 extra credit points to the overall grade for the assignment (Ex.. 80 changes to 82). However, a digital copy is required to be submitted. 


Article Summary
Student’s Name
Article Summary:
This article was published in June 5th 2013 and it is a student publication that appeared in the Duke Today Newspaper. The article was authored by David Jarmul and it was entitled ‘International Students on Campus Benefit Their U.S. Classmates.’ The article is centered on the benefits international students offer to their American counterparts in the universities (Duke Today, 2015). With international students interacting with American students, the natives seek to benefit in many areas.

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