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Designing Formats and Including Visuals (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

Reflective Journal : Designing Formats and Including Visuals Commercial and personal Websites, as well as print media, design their formats and include visuals for optimal audience appeal. Select a Website or print medium for this reflective journal. Address these criteria: 1. Identify the source and audience of the selected Website or print medium. Describe how its format and visual displays are used to appeal to a viewer's interest and willingness to engage with the source. 2. Explain how the selected Website or print medium uses the elements of logos, ethos, and pathos. 3. Describe ways you expect to use format design and visuals in your future college papers and in your professional life. source..
Designing Formats and Including Visuals Name: Institution: Date: Designing Formats and Including Visuals Commercial as well as private websites and print media bear formats and visuals designed to appeal to the audience to the optimal. For discussion in this paper, I chose the website that deals with the sale of flowers. Of interest is the formats and visual displays and how they are used to appeal to the audience, logos and ethos applied and how the skills can be used in future. The layout of the site is virtually appealing to the viewer. Further, it boosts the use of a simple UI (user Interface) that enhances the navigation by the use of computer novice. The site was designed targeting the brides and home owners who aspire to do the interior decorations by themselves and the people who would want to purchase live and artificial flowers. The site also targets the wholesale florists. The format includes numerous close-ups that highlight the clarity of the flowers and the quality of the same. This encourages the purchase of the packages because they are so much appealing. The format in the site uses logos, ethos and pathos successfully to present all its products. The use of logos is successful in telling the visitor of the products and services provided by the company. There is detailed description of the products. There is also use of inspiring photos that are helpful in describing products and how to use them. The pathos in use is appealing in that they are involving the user through the presentation o...
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