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Project Plan For Simulation Lab: Phases Of The Project (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


I want to write plan for project. my project is simulation lab to teach the language barrier issue among nursing care process to senior-level bachelors nursing students.
it need to follow the rubric.
I attached the example model but with different topic.
I don not need the table of time because I finished.
please follow rubric and example I attached.
My topic is about the language Barrier during health care process, The language differences itself are the leading obstacle to effective communication. Language barriers can have deleterious effects so that, Patients who face such barriers are less likely than others to have a usual source of medical care; they receive preventive services at reduced rates; and they have an increased risk of non adherence to medication.
so I am focused on my project when the patient can not speak English not the health provider, because I will do simulation lab with patient who came from another country and he can not speak English so he can not explain that he daughter have cancer on her abdominal and have certain medication.


Project Plan for Simulation Lab
Institution Affiliation
Project Plan for Simulation Lab
The purpose of this paper is to provide a simulation that would enlighten the language barrier issue in nursing care to senior bachelor nursing students who are completing their lecture on community health.
Language is necessary for all kinds of communication. Language barriers exist when people are unable to effectively communicate because they don't understand each other's language. Examples of cases that relate to language barriers include people that speak different languages or they speak the same language but in different dialects (McClure, 2010). In addition physical impediments like stuttering and physical disabilities like hearing problems hinder effective communication and as such are language barriers. The use of complicated or technical terms is also seen as a hindrance to proper communication (Danna et al, 2015). The paper aims to instill the necessary skills to the students that would enable them handle language barriers in the course of carrying out their nursing duties and especially when communicating to patients. More so, these students at the end of their studies will be employed all over the world and will need to know how to effectively communicate despite different languages.
Patients with limited English proficiency are encountered on a daily basis in healthcare facilities. The inability of the healthcare givers to fully understand them has led to problems such as longer hospital stays, difficulty in understanding prescriptions and misdiagnosis (Diamond & Jacobs, 2010). Below are ways the nurse students can learn that will help them provide the best care to patients despite challenges in communication.
Phases of the project
First of all the students will be paired up to facilitate role plays on communicating with one another. The students will be able to practice on one another as the lecture progresses and in so doing fully understand what they are being taught.
Don't Shout and speak slowly
Mostly when we try to put across a point to a person who doesn't understand the language we speak, we often tend to shout the point across as if the person is deaf. Furthermore, we at times tend to get carried away from probable excitement when communicating and end up speaking very fast that th

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