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Paper 1 Critical Assignment: The Big Short Movie Summary (Movie Review Sample)


Paper 1: Critical Essay
In this short writing assignment, you must write about the following topic regarding The Big Short:
What do you think are the intentions of the filmmakers in telling this story? Identify particular scenes, techniques, or moments in the film that suggest possible reasons. In your opinion, were the filmmakers successful, and how so?
A successful paper will:
• begin with a well-structured introduction
• present a clear and limiting thesis statement answering one of the topics
• develop a persuasive argument based on claims and specific textual evidence from the film
• display strong cohesion and unity of your argument
• be free of editing and proofreading errors
3 complete pages (maximum of 4)
• Your essay MUST have a title that addresses the main topic of your paper (placed near top of the first page), but no separate title page required
Standard paper format and MLA citation style—one-inch margins on ALL sides, 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and last names and page numbers in the top right corner of each page.


“The Big Short” Movie Summary
The movie ‘'The Big Shot'' shows the financial crisis that occurred in 2008 causing several investments to collapse as banks increased their lending. In the movie a group of individuals speculated the market and decided to bet that sizeable number of banks will collapse and others will experience economic downturn. The financial crisis occurred due to increasing number of housing investments that were funded through mortgages and other bank loans. The increasing number of lending by financial institutions is what caused the global financial crisis that was experienced around 2008. Hence, the financial experts were able to make large premiums through the insurance policy that they initiated to benefit in case banks collapse.
There are several scenes in the movie that supports that the financial crisis was caused by a rise in the number of loans that were lend to the public by financial institutions. During the period, the demand for housing mortgage increased making the prices of houses to rise. More so, the banks were not scrutinizing the credit worthiness of those they were lending the loans. Therefore, several people who borrowed the loans were unable to pay back the amounts due which led to financial crisis. The opportunity created a gap for financial experts to exploit by accurately speculating that a sizeable number of banks will collapse. Hence, those who wager against large debts were able to earn a premium.
More so, there are several scenes in the movie that supports the financial crisis. For example, Anthony Bourdain who is a television host and a renowned chef is shown at the kitchen of an elegant restaurant cooking a meal. He cooks a fish that has lasted for three days and is likely to have rotten. After cooking the meal, he decides to serve it to its customers without caring he risks losing them in case they realize that the stew is rotten. The idea is to demonstrate what Wall Street did by selling risky securities to financial inst

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