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Merchants Of Cool (2001) Movie Review Writing Assignment (Movie Review Sample)


the critical writings to articulate an academic argument, or take a well‐thought out position on the week's film selection (Merchants of Cool (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) AND relating this back to the class reading material. The paper should be a well‐written essay discussing a point/perspective integrating the week's chapter reading material with the film. A superb paper would be well organized and focused. Remember you have limited space to make your argument, so being concise is paramount. A stupendous paper would also synthesize information from various sources (chapter readings, the discussion board, and outside readings).
Required minimum word count: 700 total (about 2 pages double spaced)
THIS IS NOT A FILM SUMMARY; you need to integrate sociological ideas from the text, not just summarize the film, or play film critic (I want to know what you learned from the film, not what you think about the film).


Merchants of Cool (2001)
Merchants of Cool (2001) movie review
Teenagers are exposed to a lot of advertisement because they are known to be trendsetters as compared to adults. More than 30million teenagers have disposable income; this explains why top corporations are forever searching for new products and better strategies to capture their attention, without considering the potential negative outcomes of their adverts. "The merchant of cool" is a documentary produced by Rachel Dretzin and Barak Goodman describes in details the impact of certain adverts on teenagers (PBS FrontLine, 2017).
The documentary portrays how marketers and media executives devote their resources to find what teenager collectively decides as cool. The movie explores the process of creating what is cool and how companies are aggressively selling their products using all means targeting mostly teenagers (PBS FrontLine, 2017). The teen market is worth more than $ 300 billion annually; the focus has been on how to reach them using all possible advertising channels. "The merchant of cool" highlight the changing social norms and the powerful role played by the media (PBS FrontLine, 2017).
The film talks about the day to day human behavior featuring the true essence of youths from a marketer's perspective. The main message I have learned from the documentary is how advertising companies use mass manipulation, taking advantage of the youthful population. Huge companies are opportunists, they lure young people into believing that certain products can mak

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