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The Big Short Movie Point Of View Writing Assignment (Movie Review Sample)


In this short writing assignment, you must write about one of the following topics regarding The Big Short:
1.How is the narrative presented in terms of point of view? What impact does the choice of using voice-over narration have on your reaction to that character's (or others) behavior and the consequences of their actions?
2.What do you think are the intentions of the filmmakers in telling this story? Identify particular scenes, techniques, or moments in the film that suggest possible reasons. In your opinion, were the filmmakers successful, and how so?
3.Identify and focus on one or two stylistic techniques (e.g. rapid editing, popular musical cues) recurring in the film. Analyze a few moments in which they are used, and make an argument for their importance to a deeper understanding of the financial crisis.


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February 1, 2018
“The Big Short” – Movie Review
1 How is the narrative presented in terms of the point of view? What impacts does the use of voice-over narration have on you reaction to that character's (or others) behavior and the consequences of their actions?
The movie presented the story through the use of a third person point-of-view. Specifically, they used voice-over narration in some of the scenes to provide a transition from one to another. I believe that the reason for this is to be able to show a “coherent theme” between what is seemingly different characters. As could be seen from the movie, almost every protagonists do not know each other that well. There would only be some nodes where they would meet each other or where their ideas would align with each one. Thus, by having and omniscient persona, that is the narrator, shows that they have one attitude in common which is inquisitiveness, amidst the throng of people who do

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