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Movie My Family: Mexican Jose Sanchez, North California (Movie Review Sample)


choose any of the two film to write about:
"Joy Luck Club" and "My Family" which are both films.
You must choose only 1 film.
Please write a 2-page critical thought essay discussion applying a life course perspective and
demonstrating that you know all of the elements of this perspective.
You may choose any single older character or compare and contrast characters;
are given based on effective application of all of the elements the life course perspective
and the critical thinking developed in the discussion.
The life course perspective are below and please choose one or two and dig deep into the perspective as stated above and how they both tied into the film you picked
Personal attributes
Opportunity Structures
History & Life Experiences
Adaptive Resources
Continuity Theory


Movie Review: My Family
Movie Review: My Family
My family movie starts in Mexico in the year 1926 when the Mexican Jose Sanchez moves to the North California looking for a long time lost relative. While in the North of California he gets a job as a gardener to a wealthy family in the region. He meets Jennifer Lopez who he later marries her. They sire children and during her third pregnancy the immigration officers deport Maria. The illegal deportation back home sets outs a mystical thread of events that run through the movie. Paco the eldest son becomes a great writer while Irene marries and opens a restaurant with her husband. Toni chooses to become a nun but later changes and this comes as a shock to his parents. It comes after he realized his true calling. Guillermo became a successful lawyer. Chucho is presented as a rude young man who is leading aging and has several encounters with the police in his illegal deals of selling marijuana. The youngest son Jimmy also follows the footsteps of Chucho.
The movie has explored the cultural underpinning of the Mexican-American families in a manner that is often ignored in the mainstream media. The movie explores the inner mixture of family clans using humorous and dramatic encounters of the

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