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Rhetorical Analysis Project For The Movie Of The Great Gatsby (Essay Sample)


Rhetorical Analysis Project For The Movie Of The Great Gatsby


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January 20, 2018
Word Count: 2,248
A Rhetorical Analysis on the Christiano Ronaldo Nike Commercial:
“The Switch”
A Brief Background on Nike and the Importance of Rhetorical Strategies
Nike is a highly reputable corporation which sells quality and long lasting rubber shoes not only for the athletes but the ordinary civilian. It has promoted its products through unique and original commercials that appeal to the taste and perspective of a person. Likewise, globally, it is known to be the number one manufacturer of the coolest designed rubber shoes. Earning over billions of profit every year, all over the world, its quality and durability has already been proven and tested. Furthermore, it has programs, sponsorships and projects supporting athletes, games and sports that help build camaraderie, friendship and strength of will. The Christiano Ronaldo Nike Commercial entitled the Switch has sent ripples of awe and inspiration to millions of people all over the world. The commercial consists of rhetorical styles which appeal to the emotions of the watchers. A rhetoric is a style of writing used for the art of persuading a specific audience whereby the author uses several strategies to encourage or inspire the viewers or readers to believe a certain ideal or to work with a common goal (ThinkTank Arizona Education). The three kinds of a rhetorical approach is the ethos, pathos and the logos which all refer to the pathetic, ethical and logical appeals. Thus according to Universal Writing Center (2018) that Rhetoric is the field of communication that elucidates on the processes and methods of a writer and author to use grammar and words in influencing the readers. This is one reason why they have to learn to listen to what the people are trying to say to them. They have to make a regular feasibility study of how consumers feel about their products otherwise not meeting the needs of the clients will slow down the profit earning capacity of the company.
A Rhetorical Analysis of the Nike Advertisement
A Brief Summary of the Story Plot of the Advertisement

As stated in the above subsection, Rhetorical appeal is divided in three parts such as the ethos, pathos and logos with the ethos defining the ethical lesson and purpose of a particular writing and advertisement. While the Pathos appeals to the emotions and lastly the logos, to the logical point of view of the reader or audience. A combination of all three proves more effective and is geared towards the successful communication of the message intended to be relayed. The importance of the Ethical strategy shows the audience of the trustworthiness and will persuade the audience to believe in the product being sold. Similarly, Pathos prioritizes the persuasion to the emotional state of an audience that communicates to the emotions of an individual and the Logical rhetorical strategy brilliantly portrays the product in light of logic and understanding. The Nike advertisement started with a wild football game with the crowds jeering and screaming as Christiano Ronaldo, a highly reputable and popular professional soccer player who played for Real Madrid and Manchester United (Biography, 2017), aims for the goal in the field. As the game was ongoing, a boy watches from the crowd, awe-struck and wide-eyed with enthusiasm and anticipation. As Christiano runs, he hits the ball towards the goal but ends up running and hitting the boundary separating the field and the audience. He hit the young man and both hurt their heads. In this instance, the story begins when their souls trade and exchange places with the boy becoming Ronaldo and vice-versa. The story then moves forward to the next scene with both...

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