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Masquerade Review Visual & Performing Arts Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


The PPT regarding to “Minjoong,Minho, and Han” is attached in the file.
Reflection Paper Instructions

For your reflection paper (no longer than 4 pages; if you would like to write more than simply don’t double space the paper) on Masquerade (http://kissasian(dot)ch/Drama/Masquerade/Movie?id=19134 ) due Feb 25th, please consider the following questions (you do not need to pay equal amounts of attention to each question as some require more focus than others, but you should at the very least touch upon most):
1. Consider the film in terms of Minjoong, Minjok and Haan (both characters and scenarios). Who/what represents each?
2. What type of haan do you see in the film? Active, unconscious active or passive haan?
3. How does the cinematography in differ from that seen in Western film?
4. How is the end of the film experienced by the audience? Is there catharsis? Is there not? Does it even matter?
5. How do you believe this film fits into national/third cinema?


Student’s Name
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Masquerade Review
An Analysis of the Film in Terms of Minjoong, Minjok, and Haan
* Minjoong refers to the appreciation of different aspects of life such as drama, literature, art, and music. In the Masquerade film, Minjoong is represented in the instance when King Gwanghae is afraid of being killed by the greedy and corrupt officials. He therefore requests his chief secretary to find Ha-Sun, who resembles him and copies his actions and voice such as being a great entertainer and an acrobat. Ha-Sun has challenging roles such as fooling the officials, and the queen. As a result, he has fears because he does not know what he will do once discovered.
* Minjok refers to a group of individuals who share a common history, and whose work enhance the development of a modern nation, The masquerade movie, portrays Minjok in that King Gwang-hae attempts to preserve Korean dynasty in various ways. For instance, he happens to be the only king who criticizes the Ming dynasty of China. Besides, King Ha-Sun tries to fight the injustices committed by the court, and the absurd nature of politics, which causes him to be the people’s champion. As a result, people look upon Ha-Sun favorably because of helping them to ease the burden of taxation.

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