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Dramatic Film Score. Visual & Performing Arts Essay (Essay Sample)


The paper should be a summary of all the important concepts in Unit 4. You need not go back to the earlier Units unless you would like to make a specific point. The paper should include the concepts introduced in Unit 4, the films in which they were realized, how they were realized, their impact on the visual content, and the important composers. Also in detail, describe Mickey Mousing, the idea of the Leitmotif and its origin and how these various techniques influence the moving image. Please cite all references used in your research.
If you go over 1000 words that's OK.


Dramatic Film Score
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Dramatic Film Score
Films are industrial productions that capture real life. The result of multifaceted technological procedures varies between casually shot movies and multimillion-dollar movies. During the early cinema, there was no amateur filmmaking, and therefore, films were only produced by corporations and institutions.
The Realization of Films
From 1888 to 1971, Max Steiner introduced one sound in the film medium, which caused musical filmmakers to start searching out for composers. However, directors had the perception that any music added to their work would cause distraction or alter the meaning of the song. Steiner indicated that the addition of music into scenes would alter the meaning significantly. For instance, in cases when the wrong music was introduced, the scene would lose its meaning. 

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