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Critical Reflection Assignments: Migrants Seek Social Justice (Movie Review Sample)


The review bases on 'Human Flow' by Ai Weiwei
Reflect critically on the film(s) watched this week using the given readings, lectures and in-class discussions to aid your analysis. Your response should articulate the issues, contexts and themes that the week's content collectively bring up, and how you relate to these issues.
Your critical reflection should include:
• A suitable title for the response_ last name in the subject line.

• What is the central arguments made by the film(s) and texts(s) you have studied this week?

• What social/cultural/political/historical issues and events (if any)are brought into focus by the film(s) in an given week? 

• What themes emerge from these films and texts with regard to social justice, gender/race/nation or global issues in the materials studied for the week?

• How do you connect to these issues/themes and how do the films and readings help you understand them better (or not)? 

• End your reflection with a central question that you would like to explore in relation to the week's content/themes.

• Cite works addressed (films and readings) at the end of the response. (Excluded from Word count)



Critical Reflection
Student’s Name
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Critical Reflection
The paper entails a critical review of the film Human Flow, produced and directed by Ai Weiwei, talking about the plight of migrants on their quest to seek social justice. One will agree that the main argument surfacing from the film as well as the texts studied revolve around the migrants and what they go through in their lives. In the film documentary, Ai surveys disturbing plights which migrants face while on the move. The film’s central theme revolves around the migrants and tries to bring to the world’s attention the conditions which the 21st-century migrants face. The argument is supported by the texts looking into the implications of the migrants in the growth of the economy. With the recent ban of immigrants from specific Muslim countries in the United States, debates surrounding the decision by the United States president have centered on whether the move was going to affect the economy of the country positively or adversely.
Even though the film tends to downplay the political issue surrounding the migrant discussion, after watching the film, one cannot eliminate the political contribution to this circle. The film shows scenes where migrants attempt to cross over to Hungary, heading to Germany. The migrants are escaping their own countries due to factors caused by political instability. The text titled What is a refugee if there is no nation-state, talks about how political instability has forced many people out

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