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Review Of Logan (2017): The Story Behind The Movie (Movie Review Sample)


Starting paragraph need a hook ( personal experience)
Need a introduction of the background
Standpoint is that this movie is very good.
Analyzing the PROS (write mostly about the pros) and CONS (a little part of cons but doesn't affect the standpoint, that this movie is good)
Compare the differences to previous two X-Men Origins Wolverine
Need three outside sources
I attached some files, inside the file has the detail of the instruction and the proposal I wrote (selectively use them)


Review of Logan(2017)
Review of Logan(2017)
Logan is an R-rated action movie that was directed by James Mangold. Mangold is not an amateur in filmmaking, and his resume includes movies such as The Wolverine, Knight and Day, and Cop Land. In these movies, Mangold’s genius in filmmaking is indeed showcased, but according to most reviews, Logan is among his best works if not the best. Logan is the last of the three X-Men movie series that solely focused on Wolverine or Logan. In all the series, Logan or the Wolverine, a role played by Hugh Jackman, is the lead character. However, unlike the last two, Logan appears different, and one can tell that Mangold had different ideas. While it is easy to get lost in the complements heading Mangold’s way, it is also crucial to also state that his prowess was significantly supplemented by Jackman’s and Patrick Stewart’s (Charles Xavier) acting. Everything in Logan seems to be in its place, and all the scenes gel superbly (Collin, 2017).
First of all, the story behind the movie, written by Mangold, Scott Frank, and Michael Green, resonates with what people often go through. After years in their prime and having had better days, some people simply disappear and live quite lives while others drown themselves in alcohol and antidepressants. Initially, Logan was strong and destroyed his enemies fast. However, this film is set in the future, and a majority of Logan’s friends (mutants) had already died. Logan is also at his worst, and only longs to live the rest of his life on a boat with his old friend Xavier. These scenes of despair and solitude depict one major strength of the movie. Unlike the other Wolverine movies, Logan seems vulnerable, and albeit being an old hero, his kind has been dying out, and it is only a matter of time before he also succumbs. He was suffering, but it was not typical for Logan to cry or express his feelings. Mangold, therefore, perfectly portrayed Logan’s vulnerability.
The movie’s next strength is the depiction of the character’s human side. Logan was never the fragile kind, and he was known for his ruthlessness in war. However, his love-hate relationship ...
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