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Documentary Review: Human Beings Look For The Answers (Movie Review Sample)


Documentary Review
The world and the universe are all a mystery, just like life and its origin. Mankind has always been in engaged in an endless search for answers as none seemed to be really conclusive. Actually, as human beings look for the answers, the questions become even more. Numerous documentaries have come about, trying to explain the origin of things and why things happen the way they do, or why the universe is the way it is. Such documentaries usually have a broad range of interpretations, which span the entire intellectual realm, to encompass all the scientific and philosophical disciplines therein. The incorporation of these disciplines plays a role in the satisfactory explanations of the various phenomena that happen around the universe.
The documentary Journey Through The Universe is an hour-and-a-half documentary that provides a simplified explanation of the various occurrences in the universe, through the eyes of a person journeying through it. It addresses the life cycles of stars and looks at the various types of galaxies, from the Milky Way to the Andromeda. It also looks at the surfaces of planets, the moon and other bodies that constitute the universe, trying to also explain the reasons as to why they are that way.
While watching the documentary, one is left wondering, just what is the extent of what is known as the universe? Is there a limit to it really? Where did it come from? What is the actual size of the Jupiter? Are there fires on Saturn? While these questions can repeatedly be posed, the documentary tries addressing a number of them. The Milky Way, which is the galaxy in which the solar system exists, is one of the smallest in the universe. It is in constant motion and the speed at which the bodies constituting it revolve, is almost dizzying. It might appear quite unbelievable, but the Milky Way galaxy is in constant motion, just like the others.
There is also the other undisclosed aspect about life that the documentary indirectly reveals. While looking at the composition of the various planets and planetoids, one is tempted to ask as to whether life can exist on such places. In other terms, whether there is the existence of life on another planet apart from earth. This raises the general thought as to how people on earth would perceive the existence of extraterrestrial life. Would it cause mass hysteria or would just be a lucky piece of finding? While the actual reaction might not be known without the actual finding, the most likely guess would be that the public would be in constant hysteria and fear of the unknown.
The documentary goes ahead t shed light on the mysteries of the universe, such as the gaseous nature of the outer planets, and Jupiter’s moons. As initially noted, the search for extraterrestrial life can only be possible if the surfaces of the bodies being studied, have similar features to those of the earth. The most likely pointer to the presence of life, is the presence of water. As a result, any surface that possesses such characteristics is thought of having microorganisms and multicelled creatures. Jupiter’s moon, Europa, fits the bill. The moon is believed to contain a vast underground ocean running through its entire surface. To ascertain and prove this however, scientists are in the plans of sending a drill to its surface.
An interesting thing to note is that while watching it, there is the realization of the time aspect of it. In other terms, while one tends to go deeper into the understanding of the universe, it seems like time suddenly stops and starts moving backwards. The universe certainly provides clues about what the past looked like, what happened in the past that makes today seem the way it is. The formation and death of stars can have an inquisitive mind...
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